Monthly Rewind // May


My Month in Review

Um, oops? I know, the month is now a little more than halfway over, but whatever, I’m posting this anyway because I already had the post partially written. Anyway, a big reason this is late is because I was on vacation for the first full week of June, and in the days before I left, I was still in in-person classes instead of online classes and therefore didn’t get the chance to get ahead before I was gone. Now that I’m back and feeling a little guilty for not writing this post, I’m doing it – the month isn’t over yet, so who really cares, right?

Music of the Month

I’m working on a May & June playlist, so no new music – I will include this gorgeou acoustic version of Foxes’s “Scar,” though, because it is AMAZING.

Top Books Read

GirlAgainstTheUniverse TheGirlFromEverywhere TextsFromJaneEyre KingdomOfAshes

  1. Girl Against the Universe (Paula Stokes): I got an eARC of this amazing book about mental health, and now I need a physical copy that I can read over and over again.
  2. The Girl From Everywhere (Heidi Heilig): I can’t believe this was only on my “might-read” shelf – it wasn’t perfect, but it was a pretty damn entertaining debut and I need the untitled and uncovered sequel now.
  3. Texts From Jane Eyre (Mallory Ortberg): Another win for the “might-reads”! I didn’t know all of the books and authors sampled in this book of text messages, but even when I was confused, I was quite entertained.
  4. Kingdom of Ashes (Rhiannon Thomas): This was definitely different from the first book in this duology, but Aurora got the chance to be an awesome princess in control of dragons, so it was all cool.
  5. The Raven Boys (Maggie Stiefvater): I’m in the midst of a reread of this series before reading the fourth and final book, and it was just as magical as the first time.
  6. The Rose and the Dagger (Renée Ahdieh): This book didn’t stand up to my love of the first book quite as much, but this was still a gorgeous retelling that did a great job of dealing with the quasi-love triangle introduced in the first book (I could have done without the new perspective of Shahrzad’s little sister, though).
  7. Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella): A story about anxiety! A lot of time it seemed like Audrey was just an observer of her family, but I think that’s how it can be when you’re stuck in a well of anxiety and not able to do much more than watch.
  8. World Without Fish (Mark Kurlansky): Look – a middle grade nonfiction book! I got it for one of my classes and just had to read this book about our dire fish situation and what we can do to keep the world from falling apart because we lost countless fish (seriously, it’s a big deal – read the book to see why).

RavenBoys TheRoseAndTheDagger FindingAudrey WWF jacketmech_OTP-REV.indd

Quote of the Month

I am owed so much laughter. Sometimes I hope I’m building up a stockpile of missing laughs, and when I’m recovered, they’ll all come exploding out in one gigantic fit that lasts twenty-four hours.
– Finding Audrey

Favorite Posts

  1. You Can Find Love in the Strangest of Places
  2. I Can Be Spontaneous Sometimes // Top Ten Tuesday
  3. Getting to Know the Amnesiac // Beautiful People

Books I’m Excited About

TheRavenKing SquareRootOfSummer IfIWasYourGirl TheInsideOfOut TheUnexpectedEverything

You know what, I’m just going to throw all these books on here because I can. I have two of them from the library already, I just need to get to them. Seriously, so many awesome books have come out lately!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

TheWaytoGameTheWalkOfShame MyLadyJane HowItEnds

I actually already have My Lady Jane and am about a chapter and a half into it – definitely liking it so far!

Challenges – Progress

2016 Challenge


New Books Challenge


Debut Challenge


Sophomore Challenge


Diverse Challenge


Backlist Challenge


Mental Health Challenge

12/10 – I already completed this challenge! YAY ME!

Retellings Challenge


Reading Statistics

Books Read This Month: 12
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 10
Pages Read This Month: 4,431
Average Rating This Month: 4.04
Highest Rating This Month: 4.5
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 3.5

Total Books Read for Challenges: 43
Total Pages Read: 15,357
Total Average Rating: 4-ish (my numbers are off since I’ve already read some books this month)

Favorite Non-Book Things

  1. Cybill: I discovered this show from the ’90s and fell in love with it. I’d never heard of it before our TV got some new channels such as a comedy one that has a lot of older shows, many of which I’ve never heard about. Cybill and her best friends Maryann are awesome feminists whose show should have lasted more than four seasons – I’m scared to watch all of the episodes because then it’ll be OVER!



A Goal for June

Um, actually blog? That sounds like a good, manageable plan…


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