Sometimes I Spend Time on Non-Book Things // Top Ten Thursday


Once again, I was a little too late this week, but I’m still posted this because it’s my site and I can do what I want. *smiles angelically*

I spend a lot of time on the internet – too much, really, but whatever, I don’t care. Obviously, I don’t spend all that time working on this blog and other bookish things, so this week’s topic (10 Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books) is a perfect way to talk about the many places that I spend my time, although many of them involve books because, um, I love books, how can you forget that?

Tumblr is an amazing place. There are plenty of great bookish things on it, including bookish aesthetics and graphics (I reblog a lot of them on my “bookish beauty” tag, many of which show up in my Take a Written Snapshot feature), but there’s plenty of other things you can find on Tumblr. One of my favorite things to do on Tumblr is learn more about the world, mainly in terms of race, sexuality, and feminism. There can be some horrible people on the internet, but there can also be amazing people who do an amazing job of educating the public, including me. And, if that’s too heavy for you, there are plenty of GIFs of movies and TV shows to entertain you.

TVLine is an entertainment website that only has updates about – you guessed it – TV programs and anything at all related to TV, from actors to award shows. I just like seeing all the latest headlines and recaps and such and keeping up with everything, so I check out this website and another that comes later quite a bit.

The name is a tad misleading – TV Tropes has tropes from all kinds of media, from TV, books, and movie to comics, online media, and mythology. It’s a bit like Wikipedia – it’s easy to fall into a TV Tropes hole where you keep opening new windows and clicking on links and connecting everything. You could waste many hours just looking at the many, many tropes that show up over and over again in media.

I’m in the process of learning French thanks to Duolingo, which also has many other languages. It’s not perfect if you want to learn a language using a more academic method and starting with the basic grammatical rules and such, but I’m definitely learning and it’s easy to just pull up on my phone or online. Plus, it’s green and has an owl as its logo, which makes it super awesome.

This is the online home of the Entertainment Weekly magazine, which I get because I can be a little too obsessed with entertainment and media sometimes – oh, what am I saying, I love it all anyway. This has plenty of news and headlines about all kinds of media, mainly movies and TV shows but music, books, theater, and games as well.

I mainly use Pinterest as a great way to storyboard different WIPs, get an idea of the aesthetic and what characters look like. I have some huge boards for some stories and some smaller ones for the stories that are a bit more particular, but I hope to have plenty of inspiration for all of my stories, and it certainly seems to be working.

Look, the original home of this blog! Even though I no longer use LiveJournal to run The Reading Shelf, I do keep a Sims 2-related LJ relatively updated, as well as a graphics LJ when I actually remember it’s around. LJ isn’t as busy as it once was, but there are still people around.

I used to only check out the titular fan fiction website (, but then I learned about Archive of Our Own, which is organized so well with plenty of tags that make it easy to find what you’re interested in or specific couples. Tumblr also has plenty of fanfiction, but much of it is crossposted on AO3.

I don’t have Netflix (I know, *le gasp*), but I can still get quite a bit of TV through Hulu, and right now my sister and I are sharing a Hulu Plus account, so we get even more shows. Of course, I’m quite behind a lot of shows right now because school has kept me so busy, but that’s what summer is for!

There are so many great creations on Deviantart, from fanart and original work to beautiful photographs and helpful resources. I have an account, but I mostly use it so that I have an awesome “favorites” section…   So much awesome Harry Potter, Disney princesses, and other artwork!


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