You Can Find Love in the Strangest of Places


I haven’t hidden the fact that I love fanfiction – some of it can be horribly bad, but some actual books can be horribly bad as well, so I don’t think there’s any reason to look down on fanfiction simply because it comes from “regular” people. Fanfiction comes from people who love something so much that they take time out of their day to devote loads of time to writing about those things. I spend much of my time reading fanfiction that involves canon or canon-adjacent couples, but sometimes I fall into the rabbit hole of random yet kind of perfect couples, which inspired this post.

I was just wandering out the wonder that is Tumblr and stumbled upon the Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley coupling. I’m pretty sure I can safely say that I’ve never thought about these two delightful characters as a couple before, but now I’m going on a mini-fanfiction binge of every interesting drabble I can find about this unusual but intriguing couple. I’m not going to begin hating on the canon couple of Hermione and Ron, and I still like reading some stories about Hermione with Harry or Draco Malfoy as well (I know, I’m terrible), but I’m definitely adding this couple to my unofficial list of “Weird but Appealing Minor Fandom Couples.”

So, obviously I wanted to write about all of this (yes, it’s partially because I can’t help but hope that someone will like some of these couples too and might have some good fanfiction suggestions)! And I obviously couldn’t limit myself to just books because I watch way too many TV shows not to have loads of couples from them.

Let’s start with the couple that started this weird but enjoyable train of thought:

Hermione Granger and Fred Weasley (Harry Potter)

Tumblr 2 - Fred and Hermione by julvett

I’ve never thought of these two together, probably because they don’t interact too much. Sure, the twins are around quite a bit, but there aren’t a lot of Hermione-on-Fred interactions. Apparently the few cases in the books and movies inspired plenty of people enough that there are dozens of stories about them on AO3, though, and I have to admit that I’m a bit hooked. Fred and George really are quite smart, probably close to Hermione in terms of raw talent, they simply use it for different purposes, which leads to a very interesting dynamic between these two. Plus, if you get a Hermione-Fred pairing, there’s a good chance that you’re reading a fic that has Fred live, which is always great (well, if you avoid all the angsty Hermione-Fred fics, like I do)!

Lily Evans and Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

Sirius reading Lily’s Journal to help James.  

I love James and Lily – they are basically my favorite pairing ever – but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I find Lily and Sirius to be an intriguing couple as well. I’m not quite sure what it is about them, but I ship them just the tiniest of bits, and if I didn’t love Lily with James so much, I would ship them even more. There are far too many fics about them that bash James or make everything angsty and full of cheating, but the other ones can be very interesting. Basically, the Marauders era is fabulous (although I’ve never really gotten the whole Sirius-Remus pairing – James was his best friend, and he’d either be a bit of a player or permanent bachelor or he would be with the girl that James normally ends up with *shrugs*).

Lydia Martin and Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)


I love Lydia and I love Scott, so it’s amazing that I didn’t think about this couple until I saw something on Tumblr about them. I mean, they have an actual kiss in the first season, even if there weren’t any romantic feelings behind it. They work well together, though – Lydia is the brains and Scott is the heart, and together they can be adorable. I love the Lydia and Stiles relationship, I loved the Scott and Allison relationship and now the Scott and Kira (I know that Kira’s actress is leaving, but I’m about half a season or so behind), but every little Lydia-Scott thing makes me so happy now.

Lydia Martin and Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)


Don’t ask, this is one of those really random ones – I mean, there’s a pretty big age difference between their characters (I think – did we ever really know how old Derek is?), but I admit to finding fanfiction about them quite entertaining and adorable. I would never want it to happen on the show (and it won’t now that Derek’s actor left), but I still have fanfiction to make up for it.

Laurel Lance and Nyssa Al Ghul (Arrow)


This is another show that I’m quite far behind in, but I know that this relationship is completely impossible, although I won’t spoil anything because I’m a nice person, aren’t I? Anyway, just from a couple scenes, I latched onto these two as a couple, and I was so disappointed when I didn’t hear about anything happening with them. I’ll definitely have to see if there’s some fanfiction making up for it…

Kirsten Clark and Quentin Fisher (Stitchers)


Don’t ask, I’m not quite sure why, but I love their slowly-growing friendship/working relationship and it’s grown into a want for something more. It’s probably because they’re both quite snarky and blunt, but whatever, I just want more scenes with them together, romantic or otherwise.

Annie Edison and Abed Nadir (Community)


See, I don’t actually want this to happen because in my head Abed will always be asexual because we need more asexuality in media, but there’s still a small part of me that wants this relationship to happen. They’ve had their flirty moments, pretty much all when Abed wasn’t being Abed, but the actors also seem really touchy-feely (although Danny Pudi, aka Abed, is apparently married?), and that makes me like them even more. So, I don’t actually want anything to happen (I know the show is over, but the phrase is six seasons AND A MOVIE, not just six seasons), yet I kind of do…

Katie Bell and Oliver Wood (Harry Potter)

This one is really random, but there are a few fanfics online of these two underutilized Quidditch players, so obviously I’m not the only one who thinks they should be an awesome Quidditch couple. Other than practices, they never really interact, but there’s so much of their lives that we don’t know, so they could totally have had a secret thing happening and we simply didn’t know!

I will never understand people who don’t like the magic of the fandom world at least a little – it must be so nice to live in a world where everything they want to happen to their favorite fictional characters actually does, but I live in the real world, which is why I need fanfiction. Are there are any crack pairings you’re interested in?

6 thoughts on “You Can Find Love in the Strangest of Places

  1. Hey! I totally loved this! I read fan fiction too, especially about those couples that don’t make it in the books or tv shows or really don’t even happen. It all started with Gossip Girl’s Dan and Blair pairing. The show went on a break leaving us hanging there! And I got hooked on to fan fiction! But this couple didn’t make it in the show. They did try. But it was not as much fun as the stories online. So I wrote my own version or two. 😊 But Harry Potter and the Twilight series? I love the originals so much that I didn’t touch the fan fics. But they always are interesting and I had a friend who was hooked so I got various fan fics fed to me regularly. The really great ones are where characters from two different shows meet in a fan fic crossover! Like ‘White Collar’s Neal’ and Gossip Girl’s Blair. The best ones were about Damon and Elena from ‘The Vampire diaries’. The Arrow pair was cute, even I am a season behind. I haven’t heard about Stitchers. So that’s one show I am going to check out. Ahh! Loved this one! Great going!

    1. Sometimes I like couples BEST when it’s fanfiction and all fake – if it really happened, or broke up a couple I kind of prefer more, I would be sad, but if it’s fanfiction, then I’m all for it! I haven’t tried crossovers, but I have read some alternate universes that put characters in different worlds – I really want to try some where people are in Hogwarts or something.

      And yay, getting attention for shows I watch!

  2. This is a fantastic post, I never hear enough about other people reading fanfiction. It’s like one of those lesser discussed things that people seem to keep quiet for same strange reason.

    Anyway, we all have these strange crackships we indulge in every so often and I wish I knew what drew us to them but it’s just seeing a random image, normally. I think my strangest crack ship is Veronica/Lamb in Veronica Mars… I don’t even know how that one happened even a little. I then have my normal ships of Stiles/Derek (it seems so logical) and Bellarke and such. I don’t know. I often find my most long lasting ships appear when I’m craving something and find this one perfectly written fic and end up trawling the internet for more.

    Great post, this is such a cool and interesting thing to read about.

    1. Yeah, we should all shout about our love of fanfiction to the whole world!

      That is an odd one, but I bet you could still find people who like it – that’s the awesome thing about the internet! Stiles and Derek is definitely a popular one, so popular that it isn’t really a crack ship at this point, it’s a real one that the show never bothered to explore – I like their relationship, but in more of a platonic way, so I’ve never really read those fics, but there are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS.

      Oh, Bellarke – how I need to catch up on this show and see their small but obviously ship-worthy moments together…

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