Retrospectively Reading (29)


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these – this is almost like another monthly rewind post at this point.

The Books I’m Currently Enjoying


Oh, and I’m also reading A Study in Charlotte and rereading Something Real, but no offense to them, they kind of pale in comparison to the wonder that is a new Mediator book. Especially because my copy is SIGNED (thank you, wonderful bookstore that was selling signed pre-orders – you are a beautiful thing).

The Best of the Best This Week (Or the Last Month)…

Mediator3 Firsts Alice16 Mediator4 Mediator5 ThisIsMyBrainOnBoys Mediator6

This would be a lot more impressive if it weren’t basically all the books I read for an entire month, plus one this month. Hey, at least they were all relatively enjoyable, right?

…and the Unfortunate Rest

And no books that were really bad! The latest Alice book wasn’t great, but I didn’t hate it, so I didn’t think it needed to have a place of shame under this category. Keep up the good work, books!

The Books on the Reading Shelf

I have some other books from my shelves that I hope to reread, as well as an eARC of Girl Against the Universe and an ebook of Under the Lights, but these are the book that got the photoshoot treatment.

The New Books I’m Anticipating

Just Released

BloodPassage TheGirlFromEverywhere

Apparently not many books on my to-read shelf came out in March? This seems really low. I guess April will have a lot more releases.

Just Added

26Kisses HowItEnds JustVisiting KillTheBoyBand LastWillAndTestament TheFixer TheRestOfUsJustLiveHere WildSwans

Hmm, not bad – not too many, but still enough to keep a healthy TBR that will never be depleted. There’s a nice mix of older-to-semi-older releases and future debuts and such from the upcoming year or two.

The New Covers and News of the Book World


Seriously? This was the only new cover for any of the books on my to-read or might-read shelves this entire month and a couple days or so. That’s just sad, publishing world – I want my covers!

A Picture, Rather than 1,000 Words

This is an older one, but whatever, I haven’t used it for one of these posts yet. This was a colorful book spine bit that I used for the Love-A-Thon back in February. Rainbow covers are pretty.

In the Spotlight: the Posts that Got Me Thinking this Week

“Art Gallery: If Disney Princesses Were Anime Characters” @ Super Space Chick

“Do You Ever NOT Recommend Your Favourite Books?” @ Paper Fury

“My Top Five Favorite Kissing Tropes” @ A Reader of Fictions

“Bedroom Makeover” @ Hello, Chelly

“Twelve Reasons I Am Totally in Love With My Library” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner

“Lies Writers Tell Themselves” @ Paper Fury

“Thoughts on Gender and Romance” @ A Reader of Fictions

“On Rereading (feat. Rachel of Hello Chelly)” @ Alexa Loves Books

“How Realistic Should Books Be?” @ Paper Fury

“#ShelfGoals On My Mind” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner

“The Portrayal of Mental Illness in Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes” @ Pop! Goes the Reader – MENTAL ILLNESS IN BOOKS! I am so excited to read this ARC now.


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