I Want to Read These Songs // Top Ten Tuesday


I know, I know, this was from last week, but I was busy and don’t care too much for this week’s topic, you get last week’s! The topic is about songs that I want to become books – this was a bit harder than I expected, but at least I got to look for wonderful songs that I love!

“Sex Yeah” // Marina & the Diamonds

Basically, we just need more sex-positive books that look at the intricacies of sex as well as the many double standards that it can involve.

“Oh No!” // Marina & the Diamonds

You will find a lot of Marina on this list, and I’m not the slightest bit sorry. You might have seen this line floating around Tumblr or elsewhere: “I feel like I’m the worst // so I always act like I’m the best.” We could have an amazing and heart-wrenching story around that line alone.

“Happy” // Marina & the Diamonds

Time to quote some lyrics again: “I don’t go out much at all // I’ve never been the type to call // but I realize to be happy // maybe I need a little company.” This is me completely, and a story that channels this could be wonderfully relatable for me, as well as many others, I’m sure.

“Youth” // Foxes

I want the stories about teenagers afraid of their youth running out and wanting to go back to the days of playing and imagining in the backyard. That’s how I feel all the time, and I’m tired of the protagonists who can’t wait to grow up and go to college without any of those worries.

“Chandelier” // Sia

I’ve always thought that this is a very sad and broken song, with upbeat music to disguise all that, and I could totally picture a character being like that – all happy and upbeat on the outside and broken on the inside.

“Mother & Father” // Broods

This seems like a perfect new adult song – missing your parents and the safety of home and childhood. This is one of those “me” songs for sure.

“If I Were a Boy” // Beyoncé

A book about the patriarchy and all the sexism that results – maybe a body-switch or crossdressing type thing?

“Where I Stood” // Missy Higgins

I want stories about the “after” of romance, about moving on because you know it’s what’s best for both of you even though you still care about that person. It would be painful, but so interesting as well.

“Confident” // Demi Lovato

Let’s have all the confident protagonists!

“You’re Such A” // Hailee Steinfeld

I would love a revenge/totally over this relationship comedy, with plenty of fun attitude.


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