2016 Book Blogger Love-a-Thon // Bingo!


This is another mini-challenge, this time a bingo card – I’ll keep updating it throughout the day as I complete things, since I haven’t done many yet.

Loveathon bingo[10]

Visit Five New Blogs – COMPLETE

1. Potterhead Reviews
2. Willa’s Ramblings
3. LALIpop Life
4. The Hardcover Lover
5.  It’s a Book Life

Join One of the Love-a-Thon Twitter Chats – COMPLETE

I participated last night and plan on doing it again – check out my random answers and such here.

Participate in One Other Challenge – COMPLETE

Mix & Match

Find Three New Instagram Accounts (And Follow) – COMPLETE

1. Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

2. Ilona @ Books on the Horizon

3. Alexandra @ Twirling Pages

(My Instagram)

Leave a Comment on Some of Your Favorite Blogs

Tweet Three of Your Favorite Authors

Watch Three Videos From New YouTubers (And Follow)

Dedicate a Blog Post to Talk About Some of Your Favorite Blogs, YouTube and Instagram Accounts

Colour Hunt: Find a Blog With a Purple, Blue, and Pink Design


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