Everything Deserves An Epic Theme Song // Top Ten Tuesday


This week’s topic is a Freebie, so I decided to go with an old topic of pairing a theme song with books. I think I already did this topic a while ago, but I put a lot more thought into it this time. I’m also linking to YouTube videos so that you can appreciate the music as well as the pretty pictures!

I don’t know, I just thought of Simon when I paid attention to the opening lyrics in this song. He’s not really an outcast, but he’s not the most popular boy in his school, and the fact that he’s still in the closet can be quite isolating. Plus, he’s in the school play, so the bit about getting roles seemed to click, even if it’s talking about a movie set rather than a high school theater production.

One of my favorite things about protagonist Rose is that she’s so confident, since I feel like we too often see shy protagonist in YA. Yes, I’m super-introverted and shy, but that doesn’t mean I only want to read about protagonists who are the exact same as I am. I’ve only read the first three books, but I just think that Rose would totally rock out to Demi Lovato’s latest single, and hopefully that attitude lasts the remaining three books as well (please, no spoilers!).

*sigh* I don’t know why the title of the book is so big, but nothing I can do about it now. Anyway, I just had to have a Marina & the Diamonds song in here somewhere, and I think this song about struggling to treat someone well when you just don’t care about them nearly enough works interestingly with The Wrath and the Dawn. It’s not exactly what happens in the book, but I think the idea of a powerful relationship where not everyone is on the same level works well. Plus, Marina.

I swear there’s more to this song than these repeated lyrics, I just thought they went well with the whole theme of dance in Not Otherwise Specified. Etta has gone through a lot and is still going through a lot, and I think she needs a song that reminds her to keep on doing what she wants and ignore all of the negativity happening around her.

Ruby doesn’t always have the best luck with boys and being treated right by them, so I think she would gladly blast this song at any boy who does her wrong. Plus, she’s involved with the school bake sale during one of the books (I can’t remember which, so a reread is obviously in order), so talk of sweets works even better.

This is a love song, but I’ve always loved taking love songs and imagining that they’re about friendships or family instead – I mean, there are a lot of similar emotions involved in all of those relationships, minus the more romantic things. After Sloane disappears for no reason, I think Emily can really connect with the lyrics of this song and wanting to at least get one more chance to see Sloane and figure out why she left and get a proper goodbye, even if they can’t be together anymore.

I think this song sums up Alex’s mindset quite well, from a mind that’s like a deadly disease to feeling bigger than her body. Alex would definitely want people to respect her and be scared of her in a good way, but really she just needs a hug, like so many poor YA protagonists.

This song sounds like it sums up a story about an abusive boyfriend quite well – despite how he treated Clara and the fact that he is clearly sick, she started dating him for a reason and truly did love him, even if she doesn’t love how things ended and what he became.

If you’ve read My Life Next Door, you know that some personal drama in Samantha’s life threatens to derail her romance, so I thought the sentiment of this song – that it doesn’t matter what’s happening, the romance is meant to last “always” – really relates to the book as well. Plus, might as well throw some of The Veronicas’s music onto this list, because why not?

This is a bit too “in your face” and confident for Mia, but I think she would agree with the sentiment. She isn’t the person that the media wants to make her into much of the time, she’s simply a regular girl, and it’s difficult to deal with the media’s hot and cold treatment of her and their love for her – but, most of the time, they do seem to love her, even when they’re bashing and embarrassing her.


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