This Year, I Resolve To… // Top Ten Tuesday



I want to be inspired by other blogs. Obviously I don’t want to be inspired to the point of plagiarizing, but I want to see things I like and use it in my own work – with proper credit where due.


I actually read two nonfiction books, but I hope to up that number at least a little. I also want to finally start rereading some of the classics I’ve read in classes, as well as some others I’ve just never taken the time to read because I’m scared of classics.


I need to step up my Instagram game. I want to be inspired by great Bookstagrams and do my own fun and amazing (or at least semi-good) pictures.


I love reading, but sometimes I worry a little too much about what people might think about my books. I do read in public, but not all the time, and that obviously needs to change. I shouldn’t care so much about what other people think, book-wise and otherwise.


With my many mini-breaks, I’ve become less organized, and I definitely want to change that this year.


I say this every year, but yet again, I want to try interacting more with the rest of the blogosphere. Whether it’s commenting more (or at all) or talking on Twitter and other social media sites, I just need to try more.


It’s great coming up with new ideas and features, but I don’t want to forget about my older ones. I want to make sure that I keep all of my features alive, even if it’s just one or two every once in a while.


For the first time, I used my blog on an application. Sure, it was talking about my hobbies and such, but I think that’s a great first step. My sister and mom vaguely know about my blog, and I mentioned it to my therapist briefly, but otherwise no one really knows about it, and I wouldn’t mind letting more people slowly into my blogging life. Very, very slowly and cautiously.


This is kind of unrelated, but I want to keep writing regularly, and talking about it on my blog. I’m slowly talking more about my writing here, and I want to keep that up. Writing is such an important part of my life, and I should incorporate it into all my life.


This is a great life motto in general. I shouldn’t worry about blog posts or graphics being too perfect, just perfect enough for me.


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