Why Aren’t You Already in My Hands? // Top Ten Tuesday


I know, I know, this is a day late, but the keyboard on my laptop has partially stopped working (4 out of the 5 vowels are in the top row – WHY?!), so I’m currently commandeering my mom’s computer so I can actually write some posts. Anyway, on to the beautiful books coming out in the first half of 2016!


I hadn’t really heard about Firsts, but its summary about a girl helping guys get their “first” out of the way so that they can help their girlfriend have a better first time than the protagonist. Then I saw a rave review from Christina of A Reader of Fictions, and then my interest in this debut rocketed. I’m definitely interested to see how it handles sexuality and possibly even religion.


Come on, it’s the adult sequel to the amazing Mediator series! Yes, Meg Cabot is writing an adult addition to the series, Remembrance, and it sounds amazing and the first chapter looks just like the rest of the series, so it really feels like it belongs! I NEED THIS BOOK NOW!


A Wicked Thing was a very interesting character study of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, and since that’s my favorite Disney Princess, of course I’m going to be interested in seeing what happens in its sequel. I think things might turn away from the focus on characterization and be a little more action-packed, but as long as it doesn’t forget about character completely, I think I’ll be pretty happy with Kingdom of Ashes.


The finale of the Raven Cycle has been a long time coming. I know that The Raven King will probably be horribly sad and difficult to read, but I’m still ready to see how it all ends, even if it might be a bit painful. OK, I’m maybe ready. I’m possibly ready. I’ll just have to get a hold of the book and see how I feel, I suppose. So, chop, chop, book world.


Exquisite Captive was a surprisingly entertaining book for me this past year, so I’m definitely interested to see where things head in Blood Passage. Heather Demetrios crafted an intriguing love triangle that has me wondering who to support and root for, but there’s also much more to the story than the “good” and “bad” love interests, including another wonderfully diverse paranormal setting.


The Wrath and the Dawn was an amazing debut, and I just have to see what happens after all the drama at the end of it. I think I’ll have to reread the first book before The Rose and the Dagger, partially to remember everything that happened, but also just to relive the beauty and wonder that was this debut.


The growing focus on transgender issues is great, and this debut about a new girl in school who was born a boy sounds like it could be a great addition to that much-needed spotlight. I don’t know if the author of If I Was Your Girl is transgender, but I hope that this book handles everything well.


A new Morgan Matson book! I don’t actually know anything about The Unexpected Everything other than the fact that the cover is adorable and it looks like it’s another summer book. Oh, and it involves dogs and ice cream (I think). All I really know is that I want it.


This is another debut that looks like it could have an interesting take on sexuality. Plus, I’m pretty sure that The Way to Game the Walk of Shame involves fake relationships, and that is an amazing trope that need to be in practically every story.


I haven’t read anything Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows, but Cynthia Hand is awesome and My Lady Jane is compared to The Princess Bride in its summary, so I’m intrigued for sure.


3 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Already in My Hands? // Top Ten Tuesday

    1. I think it’ll get talked about a lot more closer to its release date since it’s written by three fairly popular YA authors – hopefully the best of all their writing comes together for this story! 😀

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