I Loved Your Book – Now Go Write More // Top Ten Tuesday


Hey, look, it’s one of the missing posts that was supposed to go up back in November but got forgotten because of NaNoWriMo and school! I already made graphics, though, so you are getting this post anyway!

And yes, I do know that it’s not Tuesday, but I’m not making a banner just for “Top Ten Monday” or something. Plus, no alliteration = no love.

Today’s topic is about awesome debut authors whose future books we’re looking forward to; unfortunately, I had trouble finding enough debut authors from the past two years who have upcoming sophomore books, so I chose a few authors that only kind of, sort of fit the topic.

While I was looking for books for this topic, I discovered that Jenn Marie Thorne’s next book was finally announced! I love her debut, The Wrong Side of Right, and I’m definitely interested to see what she does with a story about a girl campaigning for gay rights who finds that everyone thinks she’s gay as a result – which gets a little awkward when she starts crushing on a new guy. That seems like it could go wrong, but after her debut, I’m very optimistic and hopeful – and I need this now!

I don’t remember much about this book – I know the protagonist goes to beauty school or something like that, but that’s mostly me reading the title and remembering it a little. Anyway, K.A. Barson wrote the great 45 Pounds (More or Less) which had some great points about body issues and the different kinds of eating problems, so I’m excited to see what she’ll do in this new one.

Come on, The Wrath and the Dawn was a gorgeously-written debut with a romance I shipped so much and a great twist on a classic tale (1,001 Nights) – how could I not be eagerly anticipating the sequel? I need to know what happens next!

The end of A Wicked Thing makes me think that this sequel could be a lot more action-packed than the slow and contemplative first book. Really, all I need to know is that this is a Sleeping Beauty retelling and has gorgeous covers – why no, I’m not a shallow book reader at all.

I don’t really remember anything about this book, but the cover is quite colorful and I remember that I did like the sound of it. I know it’s a contemporary, and I loved Paula Stokes’s first book, The Art of Lainey, which was also a contemporary book.

I didn’t always get it, but I definitely enjoyed Francesca Zappia’s debut, Made You Up, which was a great look at schizophrenia. I’m curious to see what else she can come up with, especially if it involves more mental illness – I could use it for my Mental Health Challenge!

When I first started this post, Becky Albertalli didn’t have a second book announced yet, but she will apparently write a loose companion to Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. It’s about one of the characters I didn’t care for as much, but I’m definitely interested to see what else Albertalli can come up with, especially in terms of adorable relationships, even if I have to wait for a third book.

There just isn’t enough magical realism in YA! Leslye Walton wrote the gorgeously-written and -covered The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, and I would love to see what she could do next, especially if it involves more magical realism.

I just checked Goodreads and apparently she finally has a second book, even though it doesn’t come out until 2018 (!). She wrote the lushly written Love Letters to the Dead, and even though it wasn’t one of my very top books because I didn’t quite connect with the protagonist and other characters, I did connect with the real people she was writing to, so I’m interested to see if Ava Dellaira can help me connect to all the characters in the future.

Technically, Emery Lord has written two books, but I really didn’t like her first book too much, while her second book blew me away, so that’s what I’m counting. She has a third book coming out, but I’m a bit nervous – will it be more like Unfortunate Door Number 1 or Wonderful Door Number 2 for me?


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