Monthly Rewind: November


My Month in Review

As you probably noticed, I wasn’t around this past month. I was much too busy writing for NaNoWriMo (I actually wrote 50,000 words this year! I WON! I’ll do a post about it sometime soon), not to mention the hectic schedule that is school. I was much too busy to keep up with blogging, and I barely kept us with my reading – only nine books, which isn’t too bad, but three of those were graphic novels, which are obviously quicker. I also had my birthday at the beginning of the month, so I simply wanted to relax and try to forget that I’m getting older (I’ve been way too nostalgic from a very young age – it’s an issue). Hopefully this coming month will go better!

Music of the Month

I’m going to make a joint November and December playlist since it isn’t too big right now and I know I’ll mostly listen to Christmas music this month, so I’ll definitely not have enough by the end of the year for a proper playlist. So, you’ll just have to miss out on the wonderfulness that is my musical taste for another month – I know, I know, so tragic.

Top Books Read

  1. Career of Evil (J.K. Rowling): It feels like ages ago since I finished this, since it was the beginning of the month. Another win for J.K. Rowling – but now I have to wait who-kn0ws-how-long for the next one!
  2. Skulduggery Pleasant (Derek Landy): I’m rereading this series for the first time in like four years since I finally got my hands on the seventh book. It’s definitely a great trip back in time!

Quote of the Month

Again, too busy – so sorry about that!

Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

  1. I’m Ready for Some New Favorite Authors // Top Ten Tuesdays: Um, yeah, this is basically the only post from this month (actually, it was on December 1st, but whatever), other than a review. Yay for new books to look forward to in the next twelve months!

Books I’m Excited About

FridaySociety ShadowStudy


Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

There’s only one book on my to-read shelf coming out in December, but I’m not super psyched for it – unfortunately, it’ll be a slow months, but the holidays obviously make up for it.

Challenges – Progress


I’m just going to keep updating this so that I have something to show – I’ve completed all of my other challenges! Well, I haven’t read any classics this year, but maybe that can sort of change in the next (and final!) month? Anyway, I’ve now read 40 books that I classify as diverse – there are some other books with diverse characters in the background, but unfortunately less than a fourth of the books I’ve read have had diverse main characters. This is something I definitely want to improve next year!

Reading Statistics

Books Read This Month: 9
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 5
Pages Read This Month: 2,584
Average Rating This Month: 3.67
Highest Rating This Month: 5 (but it was a reread)
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 3 (there were a lot of 3s this month, unfortunately)

Total Books Read for Challenges: 100
Total Pages Read: 39,467
Total Average Rating: 4.01

Favorite Non-Book Things


OK, I wasn’t really that busy, but I can’t think of anything “new” going on besides homework, some reading, and NaNoWriMo.

A Goal for December

Get back into blogging this month – it’s the always fun month of remember all the great books that I’ve read this year, so I really want to get back into, especially since the majority of the month is school-free.


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