I’m Ready for Some New Favorite Authors // Top Ten Tuesday


I’m finally back! I plan on catching up with some of the TTT posts I missed, but here’s today’s regularly scheduled post in the meantime: 2016 debuts I’m looking forward to!


This is about a girl who helps boys get their “first time” over with so that they can have special memories with their girlfriends rather than fumbling around and ruining everything, as was the case with her. There’s obviously going to be an interesting exploration of sexuality that shouldn’t really on sex-shaming, and the protagonist’s best friend is very religious, so I’m interested to see how that’ll be incorporated.


The protagonist is gender fluid, which is something I’ve never read before, so I’m really excited to see how that’ll go. This book will obviously focus on self-identity, which is greatly needed in the literary world.


I love mythology, and if I’m not mistaken, this book involves Hawaiian mythology and stories, which I definitely need more of! There’s time- and globe-traveling, as well as some good ol’ diversity. Plus, those eyes on the cover really intrigue me.


This year seems to be the year of self-identity! This book is about a new girl who has to deal with all the struggles that come with being new in high school, all while trying to keep it a secret that she was really born a “he.”


And the trio of self-identity books ends with this one, about a protagonist who’s ready to begin the transition to becoming a girl while another new student is trying to hide the fact that he was born a “girl.” This book was actually published already in the UK, if I remember correctly, but it’s not coming out in the US until this summer, so I’m still counting it as a debut.


Walk of shames are touchy topics that always pit the girl as the bad girl for having sex in the first place, so I’m interested to see how this book deals with sexuality and “games” that horribly sexist concept. There’s also fake dating, which is definitely one of my favorite tropes, so yay for that!


Death is not a fun, happy experience (obviously), but this book sounds like it could make it a little funnier than normal with an “end of life” cruise that the protagonist’s grandmother makes the family go on where she reveals she has terminal cancer. This could be horribly, horribly sad, or just mostly sad with some happy elements mixed in.


I’ve always been interested in the media industry, so I’m definitely intrigued by a book about a girl who gets an internship at a magazine that allows her to escape her little town – but she fibbed on her application and actually has no romantic experience, which is the whole point of her column. I’m definitely curious to see how things turn out.


And then there’s the always interesting Hollywood story! There also could be some diversity since the author doesn’t seem to be white based on the name, but there wasn’t a whole lot of information about this book, so I’m not sure.


It’s kind of weird, because this book is written by a real-life descendant of Cotton Mather of the Salem Witch Trials fame, and then the protagonist is also a descendant, but she’s obviously made up. Either way, this sounds like an interesting paranormal book that involves girls who sound like the new version of the girls crying witch back in the 1690s, along with a ghost – I need some more good paranormal books in my life.


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