New Reads: Rewind Edition (8)


It’s been a while and I wanted another post – not forcing myself, but genuinely wanted to do it, which is the important part – so here’s a new New Reads: Rewind Edition! I know, I know, you’re all excited, but hold the applause.

JellicoeRoadJellicoe Road (Melina Marchetta) – published in 2006

What is it about? It kind of sounds like a mystery – protagonist Taylor’s friend has disappeared, and now she has to figure out what happened to her and learning about her own history, all while dealing with territory wars at a boarding school.

Why haven’t I read it before? I’m slowly working my way through Melina Marchetta’s books. I read and loved Saving Francesca and its companion The Piper’s Son, but this sounds like another emotional ride, and I just haven’t been ready.

Why do I want to read it now? Well, I can’t be scared of reading this book, especially since I have heard so many great things about it. It definitely sounds like the type of book that I could enjoy, I just need to buck up and finally get it from the library.

PantsOnFirePants on Fire (Meg Cabot) – published in 2007

What is it about? Katie has a knack for lying, but she has a reason for keeping things a secret, and when the one other person involved in her biggest secret comes back to town, she finds herself in trouble.

Why haven’t I read it before? I DON’T KNOW! It’s Meg Cabot and it’s YA – this is practically the only YA book, and one of the last books in general, that I haven’t read from her. It’s not that it didn’t look like it could be a fun book – I just never bothered to pick it up, and I really don’t know why.

Why do I want to read it now? Really, do I actually need to explain why I need to remedy this wrong?

TheSugarQueenThe Sugar Queen (Sarah Addison Allen) – published in 2008

What is it about? A fairy godmother-esque woman helps another woman slowly come out of her shell in a town that sounds just as charming and quirky as the other books I’ve read from Allen so far.

Why haven’t I read it before? I just started reading Allen’s books in the past year, picking and choosing what sounds interesting to me – normally based on title and cover, if I’m being honest.

Why do I want to read it now? *shrugs* This was simply the next book up on my list for whatever reason – maybe the title? I know, I’m horrible and should know these things.

ByTheTimeYouReadThisIllBeDeadBy the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead (Julie Anne Peters) – published in 2009

What is it about? A book about a girl who’s determined to finally get her suicide right definitely doesn’t sound like a fun little romp, but hopefully this will be an inspiring book about mental illness and such.

Why haven’t I read it before? I’ve heard about Julie Anne Peters a little before, but she’s not one of the biggest names in YA, so it’s easy for her books to get lost among the shuffle. Plus, mental illness books can be just as difficult to read as they are inspiring.

Why do I want to read it now? I’m hoping I’m ready, that’s all. I definitely don’t want to read it if I’m already in a mood, but if things are alright, then I can hopefully handle it.

BittenBitten (Kelley Armstrong) – published in 2001

What is it about? This is the original series that Armstrong’s YA trilogies are kind of offshoots of – this first book deals with the only or one of the few female werewolves around, which could certainly be interesting.

Why haven’t I read it before? This is yet another book series from an author I already love as a YA author, so now I’m trying to stretch out my horizons and try her adult stuff as well.

Why do I want to read it now? Since Armstrong isn’t cooperating and giving me another Darkest Powers/Darkness Rising series (come on, why aren’t you following my every whim?), I might as well give the series that started it all a shot. Plus, I haven’t read too much adult paranormal yet – I’ve done mysteries, some magical realism and fantasy, and some contemporary, but I think this will be my first adult paranormal series, and I’m interested to see how that goes.


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