Top Ten Tuesday (Technically): If These Authors Write a Book Together, I Will Explode (Happily)


I know, I know, this is a day late, but I’ve been quite busy lately as I mentioned and I was too excited for this topic to pass it up, so you get it on Wednesday! And yes, there are a lot of repeated authors in different combos – it’s my list and I can do what I want!


Can you imagine the fluffy goodness if Meg Cabot and Kasie West got together and wrote something? Meg has so much experience, but Kasie has built up a nice, fluffy little tower of books on her own. They could both bring the romance, but there’d also be some snark and neurotic behavior and awesome secondary characters and basically I need this now – this is not a very good topic if it just makes me dream of all these books I want now.


I feel like these two would have loads of snarky goodness. They both have plenty of feminist elements in their books, often not-so-subtle, but that’s the kind of feminism I can get behind – well, any kind of inclusive, world-wide feminism is good in my book. I think that these two could create a snarky, pro-feminist world, either contemporary or paranormal (probably the latter, since most of Libba’s books involve the supernatural, but they could write anything together and it’d probably be amazing).


This seems like a bit of an obvious and lazy choice. The main reason I was excited for Jenn Marie Thorne’s book pre-release was because the summary compared it to Huntley Fitzpatrick’s My Life Next Door, and I definitely saw the similarities when reading it. But why not have two authors who can create similar stories come together to create a super-sized and awesome story using all their strengths? Both of the books I referenced had politics playing a large part in their stories, so maybe we could get another look at politics, perhaps from the Democratic side, since neither major parties are perfect and always right (both had focuses on the Republican party, a bit negative to slightly neutral).


It’s not too surprising that I would be drawn to these authors if you know me or have read about my anxiety and such. Ruby Oliver and Francesca Spinelli are awesome and should meet each other in an amazing book where they can freak out together and ultimately help each other, as well as bond with all the great secondary characters in both books. Or E. Lockhart and Melina Marchetta could put their heads together and write a new story that’s tragic and wonderful and is yet another amazing portrait of some sort of mental health problem, from anxiety to depression to something else completely.


If you follow these two on various social media accounts, it seems that they’re the best of friends, or at least very close friends – so why aren’t they writing beachy, fun books together? I mean, come on, it should be a great bonding experience – or it might possibly break their friendship completely due to the pressure of perfection, but let’s just hope that doesn’t happen…


I think the graphic says it all – I just want it, so there. *crosses arm and pulls my most toddler-like expression*


So far I’ve only read about 2 and 1/20th of Huntley’s books set in summer (currently reading The Boy Most Likely To), but I think she could blend her style with Sarah Dessen’s very well. They could write a wonderfully summery book with awesome secondary characters and wonderful family dynamics – so chop, chop.


I just think they could combine their beautiful writing and create something that makes me weep from the beauty and wonderfulness of it all. The lush, gorgeous writing is one of the first things I think about when remembering their respective books, so I feel like it’s a safe assumption that anything they worked on together would both make me terribly and wonderfully jealous and super-inspired.


Yes, if they wrote a book together it wouldn’t be the happiest thing ever, but god would it be entertaining and terrifying as hell. It would have wonderful narration that amuses me greatly, and there would surely be plenty of tough, smart, and kickass children and teenagers, plus sometimes competent, sometimes not so much adults.


J.K. ROWLING AND MEG CABOT ARE AMAZING AND ANYTHING THEY WRITE TOGETHER MUST BE AMAZING AS WELL! I don’t care that their stories are so drastically different – I just want it!


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