Monthly Rewind: September


My Month in Review

As I mentioned in my weekly recap yesterday, I’ve been very busy with school. I’ve been trying to read as much as possible, but that takes precedence over blogging, and if I can’t even get that much reading in, you know that I’m not going to be doing that much blogging either. I’m also determined to only blog when I feel like it, which is a huge success – it keeps me from feeling like this is a chore that I have to put up with. So, sorry that I’m not always around, but at least when I am, I’m much more interested in what I’m doing!

Music of the Month

I didn’t start making a new playlist until late in the month, so I’m going to combine September and October together next month – so you’re just going to have to wait for my obviously amazing musical taste. Or you can just check out my growing playlist here.

Top Books Read

  1. The Royal We (Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan): Wow, I read this last month? The month must have seemed a lot longer than I realized, because it seems like it’s been a while since I finished this fun book.
  2. The Diviners (Libba Bray): I was glad to see that I enjoy this book just as much the second time around.
  3. Made You Up (Francesca Zappia): I’m glad that I managed to get this book from the library soon after my library ebook expired – it helped me feel less confused. This book did confuse me much of the time, but I think it helped put me into Alex’s mindset better.
  4. Exquisite Captive (Heather Demetrios): After some less-than-stellar reviews, I was quite worried about this book, but I actually did enjoy it for the most part and look forward to more from the series.
  5. Lair of Dreams (Libba Bray): It took me a long time to finish this book, but I really don’t care – I enjoyed it every step of the way, even when I knew what was coming and was getting a little annoyed that none of the other characters could see what was right in front of their noses.
  6. Saga: Volumes Two – Three (Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples): These graphic novels definitely inspire me to try out more in the future.

Quote of the Month

“You’re allowed to ask for help.”
“Why doesn’t anyone tell us that?”
“Because… maybe no one told them.”
– Made You Up

I need to make a graphic for this, but I just love this quote too much not to include it. We need to talk about mental health issues and make it clear that you can always ask for help when you need it.

Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

  1. Catching Up on Top Ten Tuesday: A lot of lists, but I had fun with all the graphics and such, so  I don’t care.
  2. I’m Getting Sick of Corsets and Drafty Castles: After reading The Wrath and the Dawn, I was really craving non-Western-style fantasies, and I still am – make this happen, authors!
  3. It’s a Slippery Slope into Bookish Slumps: This was started before my impromptu-hiatus, which seemed a bit ironic.
  4. Top Ten Books That Should Be Gender-Flipped: This was just really fun to come up with books to gender-flip.
  5. Gonna Love Myself // No, I Don’t Need Anybody Else: I don’t quite know what I was saying with them, but talking about positive messages in books is important no matter what, right?
  6. Surveying Series – The Darkness Rising: These take a while to make and no one seems to comment on them, but I still like focusing on favorite series, so I’ll probably keep doing them whenever I feel like it.

Books I’m Excited About

TheBoyMostLikelyTo FridaySociety ADarkAndTwistedTide Ungodly

So many books I need to read – why am I so busy and not able to read this wonderful things?!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

SixOfCrows CareerOfEvil WhatWeLeftBehind

I’m a little hesitant for Six of Crows since the Grisha series could be a bit uneven for me, but I’m definitely psyched for J.K. Rowling’s latest (under pseudonym Robert Galbraith) and a story about a genderqueer girl in a lesbian relationship!

Challenges – Progress

2015Challenge7I did it! As I write this, I’m nearly done with book #7 for this challenge, and by the time this goes live tomorrow, I should definitely be done with it, even if I have to stay up a little later than I’d like – I’m getting kind of bored with it, to be honest, and want to be done with it already. Maybe now that I’m done with it, I’ll be able to write some of the fairy tale posts that go along with the challenge…


Hmm, only five books, at one of them is technically from this month since this post is a couple of days late. Whatever, I’m at 34 diverse books, which isn’t a horrible number – I just wish it made up a greater percentage of my total books.

Reading Statistics

Since this is a few days late, it doesn’t include the last book or two I read lately because they’re from this month, even though I included them earlier in this post. Confusing, I know, but whatever, I understand what I’m done, that counts for something, right?

Books Read This Month: 11
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 8
Pages Read This Month: 3,151
Average Rating This Month: 4
Highest Rating This Month: 5! (it was a reread, though)
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 3.5 (not bad at all)

Total Books Read for Challenges: 87
Total Pages Read: 34,100
Total Average Rating: 4.08

Favorite Non-Book Things

  1. Scream Queens: It can be pretty campy and over the top and has too many jokes that are simply there for shock value, but it’s still pretty entertaining to watch and see if you can guess who the killer/killers? is/are.
  2. Quantico: I’ve only seen one episode so far (the second episode will air tonight as I write this, tomorrow when this posts), but I was immediately hooked and NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NOW.
  3. Fresh Off the Boat: This show was around last year and I really enjoyed it, but it’s great to see that this little gem is starting to get attention and is just as entertaining as ever. We need more series about non-white families, whether they’re from the 90s or not.
  4. fall weather: Fall is my favorite season – there’s my birthday, changing leaves, crisp weather, new TV shows – what’s not to love? I love wearing boots, sweaters, and jeans, so I love it when the weather lets me do this without sweating by noon. Of course, I also live in a state where weather is always predictable, so just because it’s been fall-like for the past week doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. *sigh*
  5. preschool students: As I’ve mentioned once or twice, one of the reasons I’ve been so busy lately is because I’m in field. This past week and this week, I’m in a local preschool classroom, and even though I know that I don’t want to be a preschool teacher (I think I want third or fourth grade, although I’m not 100% committed yet), I do love spending time in their classroom and would love to help out in the future – I just don’t want to be responsible for all those three- and four-year-olds.

A Goal for October

Don’t stress about blogging. I’m busy with school, and if that means I have to choose between relaxing and blogging, I’m going to choose relaxing. I’m only going to blog and work on things here when I want to, and I am determined to continue this relatively zen-like attitude I have towards blogging right now.


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