Deceptive by Emily Lloyd-Jones


STEP ONE: Read Illusive

Last year, I read a debut whose summary claimed that the story combined X-Men and Ocean’s Eleven – and, even though I’ve never seen the latter, I know enough about it and other con movies to know that this was a wonderful descriptive for a surprisingly delightful debut. So, obviously, I needed the sequel right away – alas, that is not the way the world works, and now I am here roughly a year or so later, finally having read the sequel – and I’m basically in the same spot all over again: I need the next book!

STEP TWO: Be thankful that you don’t live in the 1690s or 1950s

Not that today doesn’t have its share of people freaking out over those who are different and persecuting them, but hopefully, fifty years or so from now, we won’t have the Salem witch trials or the Red Scare to learn about and thank whatever god, deity, or object we hold sacred that we aren’t living during those times. If our future is like this book, though, then we’re screwed – this is a science fiction story that takes place in the 2030s, after the vaccine used to cure a deadly plague led to a small but substantial part of the population developing various special powers (thus the X-Men part), and obviously the “regular” people are terrified of them and give them two choices: work for the government or go to jail. Protagonist Ciere chose a third option: becoming a criminal; this book looks at her dealing with that choice after she’s gone to work for a criminal syndicate to pay off a debt. She came through the first book relatively unscathed, but things definitely haven’t gotten easier for her and her friends.

STEP THREE: Meet your three protagonists

Illusive had two POVs (Ciere and her friend/practical brother/fellow thief Daniel), but this book added Devon, the best friend that Ciere lost after pushing him away. Devon was one of my favorite characters in the first book, so I was happy that we got to see more of him even though he wasn’t in Ciere’s life as much. I wish they had all been together more, but it was still pretty interesting seeing their individual story lines zig and zag before coming together in an explosive climax. There were some twists that I did see coming, but I really didn’t mind all that much.

STEP FOUR: Hope for a difference romance

The only thing that I really didn’t care for that much in this book was the semi-romance. I won’t say who it’s with, but if you’ve read the first book, you probably know who Ciere begins to fall for in a romantic sense. I didn’t have anything against the relationship as a friendship, but I would have preferred to see Ciere with someone else or, even better, no one – asexual protagonist for the win! Of course, even if you don’t like the romance like me, it’s a pretty small part of the book, so it wouldn’t bother you too much probably.

STEP FIVE: Wish you had the ability to control Emily Lloyd-Jones and make her write the next book right now

As I write this review, I’m not sure if there’s going to be a sequel – there isn’t anything on Goodreads, if I remember correctly, and I haven’t noticed anything on Emily Lloyd Jones’s blog or Twitter, but I’m really hoping that it just hasn’t been announced. This book ended with some very interesting and open-ended plots, and I really need to see them in another book! So many interesting possibilities!

DeceptiveTitle: Deceptive

Position: Book Two in the Illusive series

Author: Emily Lloyd-Jones (Illusive)

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 368

Rating: 4/5

Don’t miss this thrilling, high-stakes sequel to Illusive.

You don’t belong with us. These are the words that echo through the minds of all immune Americans—those suffering the so-called adverse effects of an experimental vaccine, including perfect recall, body manipulation, telepathy, precognition, levitation, mind-control, and the ability to change one’s appearance at will.

When immune individuals begin to disappear—in great numbers, but seemingly at random—fear and tension mount, and unrest begins to brew across the country. Through separate channels, super-powered teenagers Ciere, Daniel, and Devon find themselves on the case; super criminals and government agents working side-by-side. It’s an effort that will ultimately define them all—for better or for worse.




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