New Looks and New Motivation

As you can see if you’re looking at this post on my blog rather than in email or whatever feed you use, things are changing around here! One of my best way to motivate myself is through prettiness, so I’m working on changing some things aesthetically so that I get super-excited about posting and such.

As of right now, I’m taking the rest of the month off, both to finish updating things (although I’m feeling super-motivated to make graphics and such right now, so I might finish that today) and to work on building up a backlog of posts. I’ll post a Retrospectively Reading recap on August 23, right before school starts back up for me, but otherwise don’t expect anything until August 31, when I do a Monthly Rewind before starting things back up! I’m working on various reviews (which will take on whatever format I want to write at the time, since that’s a good way to motivate myself as well) and discussions and such, so definitely expect stuff once September starts!

Hopefully new content and a new look will help people feel better about going back to school, if that’s what you’re doing in the next month or so, like me – I know it’ll make me a little happier!


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