Monthly Rewind: July


My Month in Review

I know, I know, this is a horribly late recap of July – it ended nearly two weeks ago – and I don’t really have a good excuse. I always think I’ll get more productive during summer break when I don’t have homework and classes to worry about, then I find myself totally unmotivated to do much blogging-wise. So, I haven’t been really busy, but I haven’t felt like blogging either, and I didn’t push myself to do it because I didn’t want to resent it all. So, I have been reading plenty, but don’t expect things to get much better until September or so, when I feel more disciplined and such – or just need something to do instead of homework.

Anyway, since this is so late, I’m going ahead and including all the books I’ve read up until now, even if there are a few that I finished earlier this month – I’m too lazy to figure out which ones were read in July and which weren’t. Also, expect future reviews to change up a little or quite a bit – I’m going to write them however I want as I work on them, whether it’s the regular format, a more standard list, or something completely different. I want to make sure I don’t lose interest, and I’m not going to force myself to use the same old format over and over again if I find myself bored and uninspired.

Music of the Month

Top Books Read

1. P.S. I Still Love You (Jenny Han): I was quite happy to see that I enjoyed this sequel just as much as its predecessor, but I have one important question: how could someone named Genevieve be so mean and not get nearly enough character development?

2. Royal Wedding (Meg Cabot): ALL THE STARS! I missed Mia much more than I had realized – especially since I read her whole series just last year – and I need more!

3. Darkest Powers trilogy (Kelley Armstrong): I still love this series, that is all.

4. Spinster (Kate Bolick): This book makes me both scared and excited for my future, whether I meet the perfect person or find a bunch of cats and have to fend off stupid stereotypes.

5. A Wicked Thing (Rhiannon Thomas): Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney princess, and I never knew how much I needed a character analysis of her in book form.

6. The Wrath and the Dawn (Renée Ahdieh): Wow, just wow – I need more of this series, and I need more of this fantasy diversity!

7. Darkness Rising trilogy (Kelley Armstrong): I still love this series, that is all – x 2.

8. Illusive & Deceptive (Emily Lloyd-Jones): I happily reread Illusive before happily enjoying the sequel.

Quote of the Month


Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

  1. Let’s All Be Friends! Friendships are awesome things, and it was lots of fun to look back on some of my favorite books and figure out which friendships obviously need so much more attention!
  2. All You Need is Love – Most of the Time: This was similar – it was lots of fun figuring out if two characters from completely different books, sometimes even genres, belong in a carriage riding off into the sunset or would barely be able to share a sandbox with each other.

Books I’m Excited About

Dumplin FridaySociety TheDevilYouKnow

Two new books and a girl power book that I desperately need to reread – it’s been too long without the glitter and explosions and such in The Friday Society!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

TheBoyMostLikelyTo LairofDreams


Challenges – Progress

2015Challenge1Sure, some of these books were read this month, but only a few! So, either way, this is awesome: I am now at 92 total books! I just need to read eight more to complete this goal at least three months early! I can do it, I just now I can!

2015Challenge2This one wasn’t too bad either – I read 12 new books, which is not only a tidy amount, but I’m also now at 57 new books – which means this is another completed challenge! Yes, I have read over 50 new books this year – thank you, thank you very much.


This only went up three books, but whatever – I’m now at 16 adult books, so I’ve definitely completed this challenge now. No reason to worry at all, I can just sit back and enjoy the reading.

2015Challenge3Another completed challenge! I read six debuts this past month-ish, which means I’m now at 16 debuts books, and there are a fair few that are definitely new favorite authors, so that’s even more of a victory.


I only read one sophomore book, and I think it was this month, but whatever – I’m now at 8 sophomore books, so I’m only two away from completing this challenge, and I already have two sophomore books in my possession, I just need to read them already.


I don’t think anyone is all that surprised to learn that I reread eight books in the past month and a half and am now at 21 reread books – meaning yet another completed challenge! *takes a bow*


I wish I had written a specific number for this challenge, because then I could tell if I’m doing a decent job at this challenge or not. I’m now at 25 diverse books, which is a nice number, but less so when you look at all the other books I’ve read this year that don’t have a decent amount of diversity.
2015Challenge7I wasn’t doing well at this challenge at all, but all of a sudden my numbers skyrocketed (well, considering that my goal is only six books total), and I’m now at 5 fairytale retellings – and only one of them is a DNF! Success, and I’ve nearly reached my goal!

Reading Statistics

These statistics are actually for the month of July, and not July and part of August – I have a separate tab in my Excel spreadsheet that keeps track of these things. The second part is up until now.

Books Read This Month: 19
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 17
Pages Read This Month: 5,523
Average Rating This Month: 4.03
Highest Rating This Month: 5!
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 2.5

Total Books Read for Challenges: 72
Total Pages Read: 27,197
Total Average Rating: 4.11

Favorite Non-Book Things

  1. unReal: This is a show on the Lifetime channel that looks at a scary, Bachelor-esque reality dating show that has super-manipulative people working behind the scenes. I need to watch the final two episodes (so, no spoilers, please!), and I’m disappointed by how little attention and growth the few WOC are getting, but I still enjoy it despite how sad it makes me – why are people so mean to other people?
  2. Stitchers: This is an ABC Family show that just ended last week – it has its cheesy moments and it can be a typical paranormal drama at times, but it was still quite fun to watch, had some really interesting characters (Camille = my fave, I need more of her) – but that cliffhanger! It was so mean! How long do I have to wait for season two?!

A Goal for August

Relax (well, continue relaxing) so that I can be as prepped and excited for really getting back into things in September as possible!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: July

  1. I love reading your monthly rewinds! Ah, I know how you feel, you think that the more free time you have, the more motivated you’ll become. Usually that’s NOT the case for me either.
    That’s a lot of great progress on your challenges!
    Great post. xoxo

    1. Thanks, I’m glad to see that anyone enjoys them – mostly I feel like I’m just doing them for me! Of course, that’s probably important too – definitely helps with motivation.

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