Retrospectively Reading (18)


Wow, it sure has been a while since I did one of these posts – and then I couldn’t even manage to get it done for a Sunday either! Instead, you get a Monday post with a lot of books in it – although, strangely enough, not that many new covers or links at the end. *shrugs* That’s just the way things go sometimes. I’ll explain my unintentional absence a little more when I get around to my monthly recap post, which should be in the next couple of days.

The Books I’m Currently Enjoying

Illusive A Darker Shade final for Irene NotOtherwiseSpecified

I’m on a bit of a rereading binge at the moment, but it’s keeping me happy, so I’m not going to stop until I want to. I’m rereading Illusive because I also got the sequel, Deceptive, and want to remember what happened in the first book before I jump back into the story. I’m also reading A Darker Shade of Magic and Not Otherwise Specified, but they haven’t been able to hold my attention as much as the rereads – not because I’m not liking them, but simply because. I’ll get to them, they’re just taking longer than the rereads.

The Best of the Best This Week…

ToAlltheBoysIveLovedBefore PSIStillLoveYou PoisonedApples DeadScared RoyalWedding EmpireofNight The Summoning The Awakening TheReckoning DeadtoMe Spinster LikeItNeverHappened AWickedThing TheWrathAndtheDawn TheGathering TheCalling TheRising

This is how you really know that it’s been a while since I did one of these posts. So many great books, from 3.5 stars and up (Royal Wedding was a 5 star book – I really need to write a gushing review soon!) – this makes me so happy just to look at them all!

…and the Unfortunate Rest

AnneAndHenry FirstThereWasForever DamselDistressed YaquiDelgadoWantstoKickYourAss OhYeahAudrey

Unfortunately, there were some duds mixed in there. Most of these are DNFs, except for First There Was Forever, which I did finish but just couldn’t get into in the end.

The Books on the Reading Shelf

BrooklynGirls Deceptive FridaySociety SaintAnything

These are just a few of the books I have right now that I want to read soon. They’re all new except for The Friday Society, which should be another lovely reread.

The New Books I’m Anticipating

Just Released

BetweenUsandtheMoon JessesGirl Illuminae DontEverChange Deceptive PretendingtoBeErica

Hmm, the summer outpouring of books has slowed down, at least for now – I guess I wasn’t looking forward to a whole lot in the past month or so.

Just Added

Lost ADarkAndTwistedTide ForestOfRuin KingdomOfAshes Bitten

*pats self on the back* I also did a decent job of not adding dozens of books all at once – in fact, all of these are sequels of some sort (well, a kind of prequel in Bitten‘s case – it’s the original adult series that led to the Darkest Powers and Darkness Rising series).

The New Covers and News of the Book World


See, only one new cover! I’m unsure how I feel about it – I don’t really like it, but I don’t think I hate it either. I think I need to see it in person to really judge.

A Picture, Rather than 1,000 Words

It’s a picture of a cat – my cat! – and a book; of course this is a wonderful picture! *not biased AT ALL*

In the Spotlight: the Posts that Got Me Thinking this Week

“Cousins, Siblings, Friends” @ Rather Be Reading: I am always envious of people with cousin friendships – as someone whose cousins are all older them me, and many of them are decades older than me (they were starting families around the same time my sister and I were born) – so it’s cool to read about someone who has that, no matter how envious I might be.

“Summertime Adventures (with Bear)” @ Respiring Thoughts: Pictures of one particularly adorable dog!

“The Art of Denial” @ The Thousand Lives: I agree – let’s just pretend that all the Raven Boys + Blue survive everything that Maggie Stiefvater throws at them.

“A New Bookish Endeavor: Title Page Typography” @ Respiring Thoughts: More pretty pictures, this time of actual books!

“Surprising Things About Adulthood” @ A Reader of Fictions: As someone who is technically an adult but not really (21 is not adulthood! it can’t be!) this mostly terrifies me even more about adulthood.

“Bookish Life: It’s Not Ass-Tee” @ Oh, the Books! I have problems with people pronouncing my name wrong and all that, so I can definitely relate – plus, I’m glad I know the correct pronunciation now!

“The Time I Survived The Often Boring Yet Slightly Brilliant A Clash of Kings (With GIF Reactions)” @ Paper Fury: It was fun watching Cait’s journey through this book, complete with plenty of GIFs.

“The Truth Behind My Terror of Ginormous Books” @ Paper Fury: Big books scare me as well, unless I already know that I love them.

“The Difference Between Editing and Revising (And How You Can Accomplish Both)” @ She’s Novel: I just finished my second first draft ever (if that confuses you, I mean this is the second time that I’ve actually made it from beginning to end with a book!), so this post was very relevant to me right now.


4 thoughts on “Retrospectively Reading (18)

  1. Awk, thank you for linking to my post! 😀 *flails*

    Ahh, so many awesome books!! (Did you read them all in a week?! You have insane powers. XD) I loved TW&TD too! It’s totally one of my top favourites of this year. *hugs book* I’m so desperate for the sequel.

    1. God no – these are all from about four weeks, I was just too lazy to make up a post in the meantime. I look at your wrap up posts and other people’s and am just in shock.

      I actually noticed your flailing about it right before I read it, and it made me really excited, and luckily I enjoyed it just as much! Now I just need to write a review – let’s see if that happens before the sequel comes out…

  2. Illusive sounds like a fabulous read, and it’s still book I REALLY want to read, but my moneys don’t stretch quite far enough to make it fair to buy it yet. I’ll definitely be looking out for your review of Deceptive though, in order to see if the series is so worth it. You’ve been reading a lot lately, you should pleased, although I’m sorry for the iffy books you’ve had too. That cover though, I don’t think I like it.. no, no I don’t. Whoops?

    1. I just finished Deceptive and I loved it just as much as the first book! I got both books from the library, but I definitely hope to buy them soon, so they definitely get my stamp of approval!

      Yeah, they’re from about four or five weeks, so it’s really not that impressive, but I’m happy with it anyway!

      And yes, the more I see that cover, the less sure I am about it. Like I said, I think I need to see it in person.

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