All You Need is Love – Most of the Time


I saw this “Rip It or Ship It” tag on Cuddlebuggery and thought it sounded very interesting – I might try and do this again in the future if I have enough fun with it now. I basically just looked at the books on my Favorites page and chose main characters that I thought I could analyze in terms of relationships. There are probably going to be a larger number of female-female relationships simply because there are a lot more girls on the list. I’m using a random number generator to pick characters at random. Let the possible shipping – or horrible ripping-apart of potential relationships – begin!

1. Mia Hall (If I Stay) and Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter): SHIP

I think this could be a great relationship! I think Mia would admire Ginny’s great bravery and skill, and Ginny would appreciate the way that Mia is wicked talented at her music. They could bond over the fact that they’re both anomalies in their family – Ginny is the only girl in her large family of boys and Mia is the only classical music lover in a family of rock stars, as well as her actual rockstar boyfriend. I don’t know if it’s a relationship that’s built to last – bonding over being individuals isn’t enough of a foundation for a lasts-forever-relationship – but it would certainly be a passionate one while it lasted.

2. Felicity Worthington and Gemma Doyle (Gemma Doyle): SHIP

This is a little too close to canon since they’re both from the same series and plenty of people ship them due to their close friendship and adventures together, but I just had to do it. Since they’re not an official couple, I consider it safe to use. Felicity had romantic feelings for another friend in their group, so it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for her attentions to turn to another friend, one who she certainly had a lot of affection toward. They would have their share of trouble since they went through a lot of traumatic stuff together, but that could also bond them in a way they wouldn’t have with many other love interests.

3. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver): NOPE

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a relationship that would work. It’s partly because their stories are so different – a dangerous world of immortal gods and their many children trying to save the day and a girl dealing with romance and difficult mental health problems – but I don’t think their personalities would work together either. They’re too unstable in various ways – Percy has ADD and learning disabilities, plus he surely has some PTSD after all he’s been through, and Ruby will always be dealing with her anxiety and panic issues. I think they both need people who are at least slightly stable. They could be friends, leaning on each other and obsessing over things, but romantic love would not be a good idea.

4. Maya Delaney (Darkness Rising) and Lainey Mitchell (The Art of Lainey): SHIP

I think this relationship would totally work! They’re both rather sporty people – Maya loves animals and the outdoors and such, and Lainey loves soccer and running (well, maybe she doesn’t love it, but she does it and I think she gets a bit of a rush from it), so they could have a bunch of sporty and high-energy dates.

5. Chloe Saunders (Darkest Powers) and Angela Silver (Internet Girls): NOPE

I just don’t think Chloe and Angela would be a good match. Chloe is a pretty quiet and jumpy person, while Angela is very high-energy and flirty. Angela might be able to bring Chloe out of her shell a bit more and Chloe might be able to help Angela think before she acts a little more, but that’s the start of a great friendship, not necessarily a romance – although, what do I know? Maybe it could be a relationship full of movies and awesome clothes.

6. Daniel Bianchi (Darkness Rising) and Jesse de Silva (The Mediator): SHIP

This would be the opposite of the good ol’ “opposites attract” – I think Daniel and Jesse are quite similar. Sure, Daniel isn’t a 150-ish year old ghost who has some more old-fashioned sensibilities that can interfere with a modern girl like Suze, but they’re both quite protective regardless of their birth year. Daniel is always there for Maya as a friend, while Jesse is always there for Suze, so they could always wind down together and ignore that protectiveness for at least one romantic date once in a while.

7. Samantha Reed (My Life Next Door) and Mia Thermopolis (Princess Diaries): SHIP

The main reason I think this relationship could work is because of The Wrong Side of Right, a completely different book. You see, the summary of The Wrong Side of Right compared it to Huntley Fitzpatrick’s books and The Princess Diaries, and as a result, I think Samantha and Mia could definitely make it work. Samantha would understand a little of what Mia’s going through thanks to her mother’s relationship with politics, while Mia could use some calming via Samantha. I don’t know if the relationship would last – mainly because Samantha and Jase are so adorable together and no Jase means no Garretts – but it could be a very cute relationship while it lasts.

8. Hayley Morris (Darkness Rising) and Harry Potter (Harry Potter): NOPE

I need to reread the Darkness Rising trilogy to know for sure, but I don’t think Hayley would really fit with Harry. Her relationship with Corey was fairly playful and low-key (although I definitely need to reread them to remember for sure what happens with them), while Harry doesn’t seem like the type for a fling. He’s a bit too self-sacrificing, and I don’t think Hayley would put up with that.

9. Lilly Moscovitz (Princess Diaries) and Zoe Barrett (Internet Girls): NOPE

HA! Lilly would eat Zoe alive – they might both be smart, but Zoe is much more subdued and needs someone who isn’t as over-the-top as Lilly can be. Lilly would spend most of their time together shoving her opinions in Zoe’s face. They could possibly be friends, but I think they’d need a bit of buffering from other friends, which kind of defeats the idea of dating.

10. Jase Garrett (My Life Next Door) and Maddie Kinnick (Internet Girls): NOPE

I only really know Jase with Samantha, but I can’t help but think that that’s the type of girl he would go for. Maddie might be too moody for him, although he has his moody moments – mainly because of a family tragedy, but moody nonetheless. This is another case of me not wanting to break up Jase and Samantha, though, so I can’t lie and say that that didn’t affect my analysis.


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