Let’s All Be Friends!


Last month, I was reading (and thoroughly enjoying) Blue Lily, Lily Blue, the third book in Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle. Perhap it was because I had read some quite nice fanfiction soon before it that focused on Ronan and Blue and their “relationship” (I’m not quite sure that I’d call it a friendship, at least not yet, even though it inspired a post about friendship), but I really focused on them and their interactions together. There are a lot of friendships in the book, but there definitely isn’t a focus on their friendship, and I found myself wanting more, a lot more, and it inspired this post about friendships that need a lot more attention and scenes!

1. Blue and Ronan (The Raven Cycle)

The relationship that inspired this post. Ronan and Blue are both strong personalities, and that’s why it’s difficult for them to be civil with each other, let alone friendly. Blue is friends with all the Raven Boys, but she’s more friends with Gansey, Adam, and Noah individually than with Ronan. They’re both kind of pushed together, but I love it when that happens. I ship their friendship a lot! When I was reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue, I loved any scenes that stuck the two of them together, even if it was small. I know that there’ll be a lot of stuff going on in the final book, but I really hope that we still get a couple of scenes with these two. I can’t quite explain what I love so much about it, but I do.


2. Ginny and Luna (Harry Potter)

This is an awesome friendship that should get a much bigger focus! We don’t get to meet the lovely Luna Lovegood until the fifth book, but she’s obviously been around since the second book, and I would have loved to see their friendship develop along the years. Ginny is one of the few who reached out to Luna and defended her, no matter how weird she might seem, and they were a great example of a friendship that spanned two Hogwarts houses. I would have loved to see little Ginny fiercely standing up for Luna and the two bonding over their interesting and quirky fathers.


3. Lily and the Marauders (Harry Potter)

The Marauders are an obvious group of friends that I would love to know more about, but I’d also love to know more about Lily Evans’s relationship with them all. We learn some things about Lily and James’s relationship, but there’s so much more we could learn about her dynamic with other people. For instance, all we know about Lily and Remus is that he called her the kindest person she’s ever known (or something along those lines – I need to reread the books and rewatch the movies already) and Sirius was one of the many who told James that he had his mother’s eyes. I want to know more about her relationships with them, not her super-toxic former friendship with Snape. And I could always use more adorable moments between Lily and James!


4. Chloe and Tori (The Darkest Powers)

Chloe and Tori don’t really have a great relationship, let alone a friendship, at the beginning of the series. In fact, at one point, Tori knocks Chloe out with a brick to the head and locks her down in the basement because she’s mad that Chloe is “stealing” everything from her, from the guy she liked to her best friend. When they’re forced to work together later on, though, things get better – yes, Tori is always prickly, but I just can’t help but love her, and I love her growing friendship with Chloe. She spends half her time trying to help Chloe and the rest of the time half-heartedly mocking and insulting her, but you can tell that her heart is no longer in it – instead, her heart has fallen prey to Chloe’s charm. Now, you can interpret that in a romantic or platonic sense – I ship Chloe with Derek, but I wouldn’t mind Chloe and Tori exploring their relationship in another way if he hadn’t been in the picture…


5. Claire and Amberly (17 First Kisses)

The main reason I loved this friendship was because of Amberly and the fact that it’s unfortunately so relatable. You see, Claire and Amberly are friends, but they’re not best friends – Claire’s best friend is Megan, and Amberly is in their group of friends. The tragic part – in my mind, though – is that Claire is Amberly’s Megan. Claire is the person that Amberly tells all her secrets and dreams and thoughts to, even though she knows that she isn’t Claire’s best friend. I just wanted to give Amberly a huge hug and tell her that I would be her best friend, because she deserves that. Claire isn’t all bad, though – she realizes that Amberly considers her her best friend, and she tries to be a better friend for Amberly.


6. Emily and Sloane (Since You’ve Been Gone)

I know that some people think that Emily and Sloane’s friendship isn’t the most healthy, and I can see that, but I still love it – probably because I feel like Emily most of the time. She always lives in Sloane’s shadow, letting her do all the talking and simply basking in her glow, only really coming out of her shell when it’s just the two of them. It takes Sloane leaving her and giving her all these silly things to do for Emily to start to gain some confidence, and while that is really important, I really did like their friendship. I want to see it continue to blossom and grow and change after the events of this book.


7. Devan and Mira (The Reece Malcolm List)

If you’ve read this book, then the first relationship you think about probably isn’t Devan’s relationship with Mira, one of the girls at her new school. It’s certainly one of the smaller new relationships that Devan has to navigate in her new life, and it doesn’t get expanded too much, even by the end, but I desperately wish it did. This is mainly because I want to know more about the character of Mira, but I really do think their “friendship” is interesting. Mira is very prickly in general, so Devan tries to keep her distance, but by the end they start to bond a little, especially when Devan learns a little secret about Mira. Their quasi-, growing-friendship is just one of the many reasons why I wouldn’t mind a sequel.


8. Suze and Gina (The Mediator)

A big reason that this friendship isn’t explored too much in the Mediator books is because Gina is Suze’s best friend from New York City who she has to leave behind when she moves to California. On paper, Gina should be one of the best friends that I strongly dislike – she’s more popular and attractive to boys and she’s equally boy-obsessed, including when she actually shows up in person in the third book. For some reason, though, I never did – I thought she was cool and I would have loved to see more of her, especially compared to Suze’s California bestie – I just wasn’t a fan of her for some reason, even though I should have related more to Cece than Gina. Gina just fascinated me, so I wanted more of their friendship.



5 thoughts on “Let’s All Be Friends!

    1. I loved coming up with all these friendships – maybe I’ll do another in the future! But definitely, friendships are so important and need to stop being ignored in favor of the romance!

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