Oh My God, It’s Been FIVE YEARS!


This is so hard for me to believe, but I’ve been blogging for roughly five years! I originally started blogging at Freewebs for a couple of months before moving to Livejournal, and it’s that starting point that I base my anniversary on. There have been points where I barely posted, then whole weeks where I posted day after day without fail. Blogging is a lot like life, full of ups and downs and great memories as well as frustrating times.

As I reflect upon my many years, I look at all the changes happening in the book blogging community all the time. I’ve never been a huge blogger, despite my many years technically in the community, but I’ve always looked up to all these big and amazing bloggers, and it’s always heart-breaking to see them taking steps back or leaving completely. I understand it, of course – blogging takes a lot of work, and sometimes it really does suck the fun out of reading – but it’s still sad to see happening.

Every time I see these posts that either talk about leaving blogging completely or changing things so that blogging isn’t such a big priority, I always mentally evaluate my own state of blogging and such. Mainly, I compare my own feelings to the various reasons other people talk about.

When people talk about feeling like blogging is taking over their life and becoming so much more than a hobby, I remind myself that I can be quite a lazy blogger – you might not always be able to tell just looking at my blog, but that’s mainly because I go through spurts where I write a ton of reviews and posts all at once and I sort of spread them out enough that the empty space of no posts are only a couple of days here and there rather than full weeks in between super-busy weeks. Even though I know get ARCs, I only request books I really want, which helps keep me from feeling like I’m obligated to love them and like it’s another chore. And since I’m not a very active part in the blogging community most of the time, I only really watch blogging drama from the outside, and therefore it doesn’t really bother me.

I’m sure that someday, I’ll be done with blogging and will have to write that sad post where I say goodbye to blogging (although not reading, because obviously there’s no way I’d stop reading), but for now, that feels like something happening in the distant future. I hope that things won’t change too much before that happens, that I won’t feel isolated because all the blogs I admired at the beginning are gone, but ultimately, I blog for myself. I like seeing my thoughts out in public, even if no one is actually reading them, so even if I feel like I’m the only blogger still around and that I’m the only one reading my posts, I will keep blogging until I don’t want to do it.

And, now to make everything more book-related, rather than mental reflection, I’ll do a list of books that have protagonists with amazing and wonderful hobbies like blogging!

The SummoningChloe from The Summoning – Movies

Chloe loves movies – she wants to direct movies when she’s older, and that affects her personality. She sometimes looks at life through the eyes of a director, just like I can do with books and other creative aspects. Since her life basically becomes a horror movie, it really affects her viewpoint, and it’s awesome to see that shining through even when she has tons of other things to worry about.

Reece Malcolm ListDevan from The Reece Malcolm List – Singing and Musical Theater

Devan is a pretty quiet and bland girl in most aspects of her life, but when it comes to singing and musical theater, she blossoms. She knows that she’s good, and she doesn’t let other people bring her down. It never feels like she’s full of herself, mainly because that’s the way I feel about my own writing – it’s the one area of my life where I feel confident most of the time, and even when I don’t, it never feels like it’s going to shatter my self esteem or something. Devan also has a love of fashion, but it’s her musical ability and love that really shines through and connects her with her long-lost mother.

IfIStayMia from If I Stay/Where She Went – Music

Mia loves music, and it’s a huge part of her life. Her parents love music as well, but her love isn’t just genetic inheritance – she loves the music of her childhood, but she also loves classical music, which is something that her parents don’t quite understand. She plays the cello because she loves it and it’s extremely important to her, and she connects with Adam over music as well. Music is a huge part of these books, and it’s a huge part of Mia’s life as well.

SeriesofUnfortunateEvents1Violet from A Series of Unfortunate Events – Inventing

It was probably because she was the oldest, just like me, but Violet was always my favorite character in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Sure, I probably connected the most with the bookish and smart Klaus, but ew, why would I want to be like a twelve-year-old boy (yes, that was my thought process, mainly because I was probably around a twelve-year-old girl when I read these books)? I loved the fact that Violet was the one who created things, who looked at unrelated objects and created new things, all because she pulled back her hair with a ribbon. I seriously need to reread these books already.

PrincessDiaries1Mia from The Princess Diaries – Writing

Another writer! Sure, I’m talking about blogging, since this is a blog, but whatever, I can talk about whatever I want to! Mia isn’t the best writer, in the view of one of her teachers anyway, but she loves it anyway. She loves writing in her journal everyday and writing celebrity-filled school projects (which is why one of her teachers doubts her writing ability.


I know that I should probably do something special for my fifth anniversary like a giveaway or something, but I don’t really have the money to do a giveaway, so I hope that the above list is interesting enough to make up for it! Here’s to another five years! (Oh my god, can you imagine if I last another five years? Only time will tell…)


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