Top Ten Favorite Topics Done in the Last Five Years


A lot of these topics are from recently and semi-recently because I just went through all my Top Ten Tuesday posts and started with the most recent. So, there are probably plenty of others that I liked but I just didn’t get to before I got to ten.

1. Top Ten Books I’d Love to See as TV Shows

I’ve done this topic three times (four times if you count the original post from my LJ, before I moved to WordPress), but there are so many books that I love and so many TV shows to inspire me that I never get tired of this topic. Whether I’m making a graphic for a show or deciding which shows to compare it to and their possible TV homes, I have lots of fun with this topic.

2. Top Ten Inspiring Quotes From Books

I’m not the best at picking out quotes I love while I’m reading, but I’m trying to change that, and I was able to use some of those quotes, plus others that are on Goodreads, when this topic came up recently. I also had fun making interesting graphics, a trend that you’re going to see with many of these topics.

3. Top Ten Characters I’d Love to Check In With

I’m the type of person who definitely doesn’t mind unnecessary sequels if they let me check back in with awesome characters that are awesome, so this was a fun topic to get me into that place of mind. Of course, it also made me want these new books/short stories/insight from authors even more, which was slightly problematic since authors don’t cave to my every whim nearly as much as I would like.

4. Top Ten Books From My Childhood That I Would Love to Revisit

I’ve been a huge reader as long as I can remember, including when I was even smaller than I am now (I know, I know, 5’4 isn’t that small, but it feels pretty small when you have as many tall friends as I do), so it was lots of fun going through my bookshelves to find books I’ve loved for years to take pictures of; if I had gone to the children’s section of my local library, then I would have had even more books to show off!

5. Top Ten Favorite Heroines From TV

More TV! I like TV shows a lot, almost as much as my beloved books. I think most people chose book heroines for this topic, but I wanted to focus on all the awesome TV heroines that I wouldn’t mind emulating or being friends with or something. It’s mostly people from current shows, but I think there might have been one or two older ones, either from since-cancelled or older shows, I can’t remember for sure.

6. Top Ten New to Me Authors in…

This is one of those topics that comes around every December – looking at all the new to us, not necessarily debut authors from the past year. I love this topic because I feel like it gives me the opportunity to highlight some books and authors I might not necessarily talk about as much. You know, those authors/books that I tend to slip into a post about once a week or so.

7. Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward To in…

Another yearly post, it’s fun to look ahead as well as behind when it comes to that annual month of reflection and planning known as December. It can be interesting – both good and bad – to look back on these posts and see how many books I’ve actually read and/or enjoyed.

8. Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit

I’m not a huge traveler, since I hate plans, dislike being stuck in a car for hours, and enjoy being in the comforts of home, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like being at certain destinations, and some of those places are definitely inspired by interesting books, whether fictional or otherwise.

9. Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame As Pieces of Art

PRETTY COVERS! This post makes me want to print off copies of these covers and really hang them up in my room. In fact, once I’m done with this post, maybe I should start printing…

10. Top Ten Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

There are so many covers that get redesigned, but there are so many others that should but don’t, as well as many that are but shouldn’t be. This is a post where I got to pretend that I had control over covers and could complain about it without being too annoying (hopefully, anyway). Now if only I had the Photoshop skills to actually redesign them… maybe if this is a topic again in the future…


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Topics Done in the Last Five Years

  1. The childhood TTT is always a fun one- I love reflecting on all the books I read as a kid (that I can remember!) and it never fails that I randomly remember one I had forgotten all these years. Great list! 🙂

    1. Ooh, that’s a good idea! I always have trouble with those freebies, but that could definitely work, even though I’ve been doing it for a few years at this point.

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