Top Ten Books I’d Love to See as TV Shows


I’ve already done this topic two times previously (you can check them out here and here!), and for this third time, I changed it up a little bit by fancasting some of them and trying to have fun with the graphics.


I tried to find Greek actors and actresses since this series deals with mythological gods and figures from Greek lore, but it was not that easy to find. I knew that Marie Avgeropoulos, who you might recognize as Octavia Blake from The 100, had a Greek-sounding name, so I thought she would be a great pick as the tough Athena; after that, I ran out of Greek actors that I knew, so I ignored that and just looked for people who seemed like they would fit the characters. I liked Danielle Campbell (The Original‘s Davina Claire) for Cassandra because she seemed like she could do a great job of being thrust into an unknown world and being very angry and revenge-hungry in the sequel; and I went with Dayo Okeniyi (Hunger Games) for Odysseus since he could obviously survive a lot of danger after competing in something like the Hunger Games, even if he was simply acting in it. I went with MTV because it seemed like this could be a similar show to Teen Wolf.


It was a bit easier to cast for Ten Clues You’re Clueless, but I did struggle with finding a good Middle Eastern actress for Zaina – I ended up picking Yara Shahidi (Blackish), who has an Iranian father. Alphonso McAuley (The Middle) is a bit too old, but I liked him on The Middle and think he could be a decent Tyson. Mackenzie Lintz (Under the Dome) seems like she would be a good stand-offish Sammi, and even though she’s not a redhead, I think Bailee Madison (Trophy Wife) could be a nice, quirky Chloe. I went with ABC because, even though this is a YA book, I think this could fit in well with some of its comedies – especially since I think there’s an upcoming comedy that might be on ABC that involves employees at a grocery store or some other kind of store. I would really love to see this as a TV show because I’d love to see how the characters all interact once they’re closer from the events of the books.


I know that there’s already a movie based on this series, plus a sequel that doesn’t really have much to do with the series at all, but I’d love to see another adaptation that is truer to the source material. I mainly chose Stefania Owen (The Carrie Diaries) for her wild hair, but I liked her on The Carrie Diaries and a short-lived sitcom from five years or so ago, and I’d love to see her on TV again. This show definitely seems like an ABC Family-type of show. Basically, this series is really on my mind thanks to the newest book’s release (in fact, I think that’s happening today!)


A nice, diverse series that takes place in Australia and New York City and involves magic – doesn’t that sound like an awesome show? I think Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games) could be a nice Reason, a strong girl stuck in a difficult and new world after her mother is put in an insane asylum. Kiersey Clemons (Eye Candy) and Asa Butterfield (Hugo) could be interesting choices for her new friends in magic, although Asa and Amandla aren’t Australian, unfortunately. Reason has a very young grandmother, Esmeralda (the women in their family tend to have children very young for a specific reason), and I think Rose McGowan (Charmed) could be an interesting pick for her. I went with E4, the channel that apparently originally broadcast Skins, because I thought it could be a decent pick despite all the magic – and because I wanted to stop picking the CW, ABC Family, MTV, and HBO over and over again.


I’m not sure that Where the Stars Still Shine could be stretched out into a whole show, but maybe it could if we could dip even deeper into Callie’s family and life. I think Maia Mitchell (The Fosters) could do a good job with the difficult things in her life, like being kidnapped and all that. I went with NBC because I think the family aspect could be delved into with the same beauty that Parenthood had.


Smart Girls Get What They Want has an American lead, Gigi, but her name is short for Genevieve and her grandmother is French, while both that grandmother and Gigi’s mother are fluent in French, so I decided to look for blonde, French actresses simply because I could. I liked the look of Déborah François, so I went with shallowness for my decision. And, because I obviously have trouble picking different channels, I think a fluffy, fun series like this would be good with ABC Family.


This would be such a lush and magical show, so I had to go with HBO for its home simply so that it could have a nice, big budget to make everything all beautiful and wonderful. I thought Georgie Henley, she of the magical Chronicles of Narnia series, could be a good chose for this equally magical series. I love Georgie’s beautiful red hair, but hopefully she would look good with colorful hair as well…


I am one of those people who hates it when adaptations mess up character’s hair color, but I did that anyway.  Even though this series is written completely in IM messages and texts, I think this wonderful series of friendship would do well in a TV medium as well. I think Hailee Steinfeld (Pitch Perfect 2) would be a good quirky, fun Angela; Isabelle Fuhrman (The Hunger Games) could be a tough, but ultimately loyal Maddie; and Annasophia Robb (The Carrie Diaries) could be an innocent but kind Zoe. This story of friendship could certainly be a nice, funny fit for the CW, like an equally dramatic and fun Jane the Virgin, but for a slightly younger audience (or not!)


J.K. Rowling’s works should all be adapted – so far we have Harry Potter and The Casual Vacancy, so obviously we need an awesome, British adaptation of her new mystery series! I didn’t want to cast it because I think I’m better at casting teenagers and I don’t quite remember what the characters are supposed to look like. Since HBO showed The Casual Vacancy after it aired in England, so I think they could do it again – that or PBS, since they do that a lot as well.


I need to reread this series – well, the first book before the second one comes out – so I didn’t feel comfortable fancasting it when I don’t remember the characters well enough. I think this would be another lush, gorgeous series, so again with the high-budget HBO home. Everyone loves seeing flapper fashions, so that’s definitely a plus with this show, although we’ll have to see if they bother making them totally era-appropriate with loose waists.

OK, Hollywood – wow me with your book adaptations now!


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I’d Love to See as TV Shows

  1. I love the twist you did on thugs topic to make it unique and your own! I personally have not read the books you mentioned but they do sound interesting indeed! xoxo

  2. I love how you changed up the topic. I haven’t read the Princess Diaries but everyone has been talking about it so I may need to check it out soon. I think having the Princess Diaries on ABC is the perfect place for it.

    I haven’t read the rest of J.K Rowling’s works but I agree everything she does so be adapted.

    Tina, The Bookworm

    1. Even if you’ve seen the movies, you should definitely check out the books, because they’re quite different. And yes, J.K. Rowling is amazing, no matter what.

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