Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want to Meet


I know, this is a day late, but I’ve been busy with finals and such, so I’m using that as an excuse.

I’ve never met any real authors, so I’d be pretty happy with just meeting one, but these are ten in particular that I would love to meet! In no particular order, because I just can’t do that!

Author1Victoria Schwab – author of The Near Witchthe Archived seriesVicious, and A Darker Shade of Magic

Reading Victoria Schwab’s Twitter account can be quite interesting, and that seems like a better guarantee of whether you’d like an author in person or not. Sure, you might love an author’s books, but they could still be completely different people in real life. I also need to read more of Schwab’s books – I enjoyed her Archived series quite a bit, but wasn’t as big a fan of The Near Witch (it was simply okay, if I remember), and I need to read more of her books, but I think she sounds like a funny and witty person whether I’ve read all her books or not.

Author2Morgan Matson – author of Amy & Roger’s Epic DetourSecond Chance Summer, and Since You’ve Been Gone

I don’t know if I could keep up with Morgan Matson considering how many Instagram pictures she posts of Starbucks – I do not do coffee at all – but as long as I could play with the adorable little dog who shows up even more on her Instagram account, I’d be fine. Sure, there’s a good chance that I wouldn’t actually get to meet her dog, but I can always hope, okay? And even if I were being realistic, Matson seems like a fun, happy person to be around – she seems as summery as her books, ignoring how depressing Second Chance Summer can get…

Author3Kasie West – author of the Pivot Point duologyThe Distance Between UsOn the Fence, and The Fill-In Boyfriend

She writes such fun and fluffy books, and I hope that her personality is the same! Based on her Twitter account (I’m basing a lot of these choices on social media accounts, if you can’t tell), it sounds like she has a big/big-ish family (depends on your definition of big, I suppose), and I’m sure she has plenty of entertaining stories to tell. And, if not, she can always read aloud from some of her fluffiest scenes or tell me about the fluff in my reading future – that works as well!

Author4J.K. Rowling – author of the Harry Potter seriesThe Casual Vacancy, and the Cormoran Strike series

Come on, it’s J.K. Rowling! I feel like that’s my main reasoning for anything J.K.- or Harry Potter-related, but I have other reasons as well! She sounds like such an interesting person, willing to stick up for the politics that she believes in and helping those who are in need. She has such a great story, one shaped by the amazing stories she’s written, and I would love to just talk to her for a few minutes – hopefully I wouldn’t be completely speechless or anything.

Author5Libba Bray – author of the Gemma Doyle seriesGoing BovineBeauty Queens, and the Diviners series

Another person who sounds very quirky and interesting. She has also dealt with a lot in her life, from the sound of it, and it would be interesting to hear more about how she deals with her depression and other issues. I know it’s highly personal, but hey, this is all mainly fantasy, so I can pretend I’m going to ask whatever I want!

Author6Tahereh Mafi – author of the Shatter Me trilogy

Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me trilogy is unique and interesting, but the author behind those books seems even more interesting! She has so many flawless pictures of herself and scenery on Instagram, she is such a treat to follow on Twitter, and she’s married to a fellow writer, so that’s double the awesome bookness! Plus, I want to see some of her killer shoes in person – I just can’t believe the pictures of them sometimes – I made sure to find a picture that showcases a pair!

Author7Jessi Kirby – author of MoonglassIn HonorGolden, and Things We Know By Heart

All of Jessi Kirby’s books have been four stars or higher for me, so it’d be awesome to meet the mind behind those books, but I’d especially want to see her with Morgan Matson. They seem like they’re really good friends based on social media – the picture I used for Matson was actually part of a promotion for Kirby’s Things We Know By Heart, thus the heart she’s making with her hands – and they’re both such summer-y, beach-y type of people – it’d be awesome to meet them during the summer or even on the beach!

Author8Meg Cabot – author of The Princess Diaries seriesthe Heather Wells seriesthe Mediator seriesthe Queen of Babble series, and so many others!

There are plenty of awesomely fluffy authors on this list, but Meg Cabot is the Queen of Fluff! I mean, look at the picture I chose – she has a freaking crown on her head and she’s laughing! She has to be as awesome in person – and, on the very, very slight chance that she’s not, I can always comfort myself with reading her awesome books, which I’m still trying to read all of – there are a lot of books she’s written, ok?

Author9E. Lockhart – author of the Ruby Oliver quartetThe Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-BanksDramarama, and We Were Liars (and a couple others)

I haven’t loved any of E. Lockhart’s other books as much as the Ruby Oliver series, but for those four books alone, I want to meet Lockhart in person. Ruby is my person so much, and in the past year or so, I’ve come to really, really identify with her, and I’d love to talk to the amazing person who wrote about her – and will hopefully do so again in the future, even if the series ended wonderfully as is.

Author10Justine Larbalestier – author of the Magic or Madness trilogyLiarHow to Ditch Your FairyRazorhurst, and a couple others (I think)

I stopped following Justine Larbalestier’s Twitter, but that’s only because I was overwhelmed by how much she tweeted – I really need to start following her again, because she had so many great Tweets and such. She just seems like an awesome person who really knows what she believes in and will fight for it – and write interesting, relatively diverse books in the meantime. And she’s Australian – I need more non-American authors to flail over!

I got all these pictures from public sources like Instagram and Facebook accounts

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