Retrospectively Reading (14)


I’m starting to worry that I’m going to have to make this into a monthly feature – I’ll try to do better once school is over!

The Books I’m Currently Enjoying

OneManGuy ThePipersSon Scarlet

I have three different books right now – I’m actually listening to an audiobook right now (!!) of One Many Guy, reading The Piper’s Son as a physical copy, and rereading an ebook of Scarlet in preparation for Lion Heart!

The Best of the Best This Week…

TheLostOne IllMeetYouThere TheLastLeavesFalling TheSecretHistoryofWonderWoman SmartGirlsGetWhatTheyWant Razorhurst ThingsWeKnowByHeart Dramarama IWasHere SimonvsTheHomoSapiensAgenda LiarsInc QueenOfBabbleInTheBigCity ForReal

Um, yeah, it’s been a while. So many great books!

…and the Unfortunate Rest


Unfortunately, this ended up being a DNF, but considering that this was the only one in more than a month, it’s not bad at all.

The Books on the Reading Shelf

I have a lot of books in my physical TBR pile(s), but these are the three books that I hope to get to next. I want to reread The Reece Malcolm List as well as two new books, Every Breath and Garden Spells.

The New Books I’m Anticipating

Just Released

TheWrongSideofRight UnderAPaintedSky LiarsInc Backlash TheCemeteryBoys TheStartofMeAndYou SimonvsTheHomoSapiensAgenda EmpireofNight IAmHerRevenge KissingTedCallahanAndOtherGuys AlltheRage FirstThereWasForever ConspiracyofBloodandSmoke PSIStillLoveYou 99Days NoneoftheAbove

think these are all the books that have come out recently from my to-read shelf, but I could have missed some…

Just Added

Saga1 TheStartofMeAndYou BoyInTheBlackSuit InheritMidnight CocaineBlues

Hmm, not nearly as many books as I would have thought. Good job on self-restraint, me!

The New Covers and News of the Book World

ItsAWonderfulDeath Illuminae

And there weren’t nearly enough new covers! How were there only two!

And, did you hear about what Heather Demetrios, author of Something Real, is doing? She’s writing a sequel to that book about Lexie Baker, the sister of Chloe Baker, and it’s apparently an online interactive thing? Whatever it is, I’m definitely coming to check it out – you can find the Tumblr for it here.

A Picture, Rather than 1,000 Words

Look, a pretty new notebook that I hope to fill with pretty, handmade illustrations of quotes I love! I’ll take pictures if that ever actually happens…

In the Spotlight: the Posts that Got Me Thinking this Week

Sorry – I’ll try to write little snippets about the links next time, but there were just too many to deal with right now…

“Leafing Through Lit: Macbeth” @ Respiring Thoughts: –

“Contemporary Conversations Challenge #2: In a GIF” @ The Thousand Lives: –

“The Wrong Side of Right Launch Party (+ Giveaway)” @ Alexa Loves Books: –

“Beyond the Pages: That Thing I Regret Not Having” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner: –

“4 Tips to Channel Your Creativity” @ So Obsessed With:

“When Writers Can’t Remember // Also I Draw on Walls And Forget Quotes From My Own Books” @ Paper Fury

“Holding On Tight to Books” @ Stay Bookish: –

“Growing Up Literary” @ Respiring Thoughts: –

“There’s a First Time For Everything (Camp NaNaWriMo)” @ The Simple Tales: –

“Camp NaNoWriMo | All About That Inspiration!” @ The Novel Hermit: –

“Reading with Bear the Dog” @ Respiring Thoughts: –

“I’ve Been Busy Writing // Camp NaNoWriMo 2015” @ Stay Bookish: –

“Why Is There So Much Sexism in Epic Fantasy?” @ Paper Fury: –

“Who Is the Better Sherlock?” @ Paper Fury: –

“Why Mulan Needs to Be Played By a Chinese Actress” @ The Simple Tales: –

“Growing Pains, Break-Ups, and Evolving Tastes” @ Respiring Thoughts: –

“The 10 Types of Fangirls” @ Paper Fury: –

“When a Book Makes Me Cringe (and Then Fall Down)” @ Oh, the Books!: –

“Are You a Fan of Gender-Swaps?” @ Paper Fury: –


2 thoughts on “Retrospectively Reading (14)

  1. Eeep! Thanks for linking to my post! AND OMG SO MANY PRETTY BOOKS. I’m wickedly excited for Liars Inc so I’m glad you enjoyed it!! ^-^ And ermagerd that instagram picture is amazing.

    1. You have so many great posts – I just had to highlight them somehow, especially since I’m so bad at commenting on other people’s posts! And thank you so much – I’m trying to get decent at taking bookish pictures, but some are definitely better than others!

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