Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors


AHH, THIS WAS SO DIFFICULT! And there are so many authors I didn’t include that I might regret but I want to keep it to ten! So, this probably isn’t the definitive list… Oh, and this definitely isn’t in order, because that would be just as difficult! And I tried to only include authors who I’ve read multiple books from, so even if there are authors who have written a book that I loved (Huntley Fitzpatrick), I didn’t include them unless I’ve read at least three books from them.


1. Meg Cabot

I love most of the Meg Cabot books that I’ve read so far (which are a lot, but still not everything she’s written!), and even the ones that didn’t make my list of “favorite things ever” were still pretty enjoyable and fun, which is exactly what I expect from a Cabot book. I need authors like Cabot who I can count on when I need a happy and fluffy book, whether to boost my mood after a more depressing book or when life is trying to get me down too much.

2. Kelley Armstrong

I haven’t read any of her adult books, although I’m definitely considering it since I love her YA paranormal books so much. Armstrong is one of those authors whose flaws I can see (like the fact that her chapter endings often seem anticlimactic, and her books can seem like they almost end in the middle of a chapter), but I honestly don’t care when I’m reading her books.


3. J.K. Rowling

The fact that she wrote Harry Potter is pretty much reason enough for her to be on this list, but I also love the other books she’s written outside of the Harry Potter universe, so she’s definitely cemented as one of my Favorite Authors Ever.

4. Derek Landy

I need to finish this series so badly! This was one of those books that made it clear that I prefer dry wit, sarcasm, and general British humor. Each book has gotten darker and darker, but even I, someone who hates gore and such, find myself coming back again and again – especially if I can finally get my hands on the last three books.


5. Justine Larbalestier

I haven’t read all of her books, but I can’t help but feel like she deserves a spot on this list anyway, and I think it comes down to more than her books – thus, the inclusion of her Twitter on the graphic. I don’t even follow her anymore since she was always tweeting a lot and I was trying to make my feed less overwhelming, but she always had great and important things to say. I want to see even more of that in her books, but she’s already doing a pretty good job.

6. Lemony Snicket

I haven’t read any of his non-A Series of Unfortunate Events books, but this epic 13 book series is enough to give him a spot on this list. I really need to reread the series – I have 12 of the 13 books, I just need the third (I think) one and then I can marathon them!


7. Libba Bray

Libba Bray is kind of similar to Justine Larbalestier in my mind because I think I often associate her books with her real-life persona as seen on social media, like Twitter, but I love her books just as much! She’s really great at crafting door-stoppers of novels that still manage to keep me entertained despite how huge they are.

8. Kasie West

Kasie West is pretty reliable when you want some fluffy fun. Her paranormal books were a bit more fluffy than your average paranormal romance, while her contemporary books are just as fun.


9. E. Lockhart

Oops – I just noticed that I wrote Ruby “Lockhart” instead of “Oliver.” Um, ignore that! Anyway, I love the Ruby Oliver books, and I was really starting to get worried that I might not like anything else that Lockhart has to offer, but then Dramarama did a pretty good job of offering me hope.

10. Jessi Kirby

After reading her fourth book recently and seeing that I’ve given all of her books at least 4 stars, I think it’s safe to say that Jessi Kirby is a pretty reliable author for me. I don’t always list her books when I’m talking about all-time favorites, but in terms of consistency, she’s a great bet, at least for me!


3 thoughts on “Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors

  1. I’m so glad you included Libba Bray on the list – she’s one of my all-time favourites (The Diviners + Beauty Queens, anyone?!), but I feel like she’s far too overlooked in the YA community because her books are sooo long. 😛

    Also, I have a confession to make: I have not read any of Lemony Snicket’s books. The good news is I’m planning on binge-reading Series of Unfortunate Events soon (due to some friends’ insistence that I have not been living life to the full because I haven’t read these books yet!), so I’m quite looking forward to that, haha 😉

    1. They are SOOO long, but they’re the type of books that I feel like I read rather quickly, so I want everyone else to read her as well!

      Yay, binging A Series of Unfortunate Events! I think they’re the type of books that you can read at any age – there was probably a LOT that I missed when I read them in middle-school or so, so I’m really excited to see what I think of them now. I hope that your first encounter with Lemony Snicket is as entertaining and interesting as mine was! 😀

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