Top Ten Characters I’d Like to Check In With



Come on, if you’ve been following this blog at all in the past few weeks, let alone the whole time, I’ve probably mentioned this series at least once, so it’s no surprise that I would want to catch up with them again! I would love to know how Ruby is handling college – college is that time when many people either develop or exacerbate mental problems, as a someone dealing with her anxiety after it nearly took over her life, I would love to see how she’s dealing with it in college. I’d also like to see what her relationship with Noel is like, as well as her various true high school friends and her fascinating parents. Basically, I want to follow Ruby forever, especially now that I’m dealing with anxiety issues of my own and relate to her even more.


This is one of the books that I want to reread this spring (who knows, maybe I’ll be reading it once this post goes up!), and one of those reasons is because I want to revisit Devan and her new family and friends, specifically her mother, Reece Malcolm. One step better than rereading it would be seeing exactly what’s going on in Devan’s life now, especially after SPOILER ALERT! Reece revealed she was pregnant and Devan will be a big sister. I didn’t care too much for the romance either, so I wouldn’t mind getting a new one or just not focusing on it at all.


Come on, it’s Harry freaking Potter! I will always love getting more from this world, whether it’s backstories for characters (except Severus Snape – I haven’t read his stuff yet and I’m not super-excited to do so) or information on “modern” things, like catching up with the Potters and company at this past year’s Wizard Quidditch World Cup. Basically, I need more. But I especially need more about Lily Evans and the Marauders, although I guess that’s not checking up with them since they were never main characters in the series. Come on, give us a Marauders prequel, J.K. Rowling!


This is another book that I hope to reread soon, but I’d be just as happy to simply get more of Callie and her story. Due to the fact that she was kidnapped by her mother when she was young, she’s alienated from her family, which makes for a difficult transition when she finally reunites with them. Unsurprisingly, she has a lot of trouble reconnecting with them, especially her father and his new family, so I would love to get more of her story in order to see their relationship healing further and not being quite so difficult.


I just reread this recently, so that’s part of the reason why I would love to get even more from the story! It was great seeing the relationship between Lainey and Micah grow, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them as a regular couple as well. I think there might be a novella sequel, so I should probably check that out, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to getting a full update in novel form on this adorable and entertaining couple!


I love Libba Bray, and this is just one of the many entertaining books that she’s written. It’s about a bunch of beauty queens marooned on an island who eventually have to buck the system in many ways and learn a lot about feminism and femininity in the process. Some people find it too heavy-handed, and while I can definitely see that, I loved it anyway and would love to see even more of these interesting girls, after they make if off their island (both the physical one and a metaphorical one that probably represented their lack of individual thought and such, or something else “heavy-handed”).


I’ve forgotten a lot of this series, because I obviously need to reread and enjoy it again, but I already know that the 13 books in the series still wouldn’t be enough of their story. I want to see the Baudelaire orphans finally get a happier ending and have a relatively normal, but still entertaining, life.


I felt so connected to Emily, and because of that, I want to see more of her life. Since You’ve Been Gone was the slow and steady journey of Emily starting to become more confident and happier as a result, and I want to see that continue. I want to use her as inspiration, so I need more stories about her!


One of the things I really loved about this book was the fact that it reminded me a lot of a great teen comedy where a group of teenagers have fun adventures and such, but just one day inside their life is not enough. I want to see more entertaining days on the job and them actually getting outside of the grocery store.


Parker did show up as a supporting character in Things I Can’t Forget and was mentioned in Racing Savannah (I don’t know about Breathe, Annie, Breathe, because I haven’t finished it yet), but I want a story from Parker’s point of view again. So far, she’s been my favorite Kenneally protagonist by far, and I just want to see what life is like for her, especially after SPOILER ALERT she got married in Racing Savannah!


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