Take a Written Snapshot: New Feature!


A new feature! I’ve been having so much fun making various different graphics using Canva, and I just had to come up with a feature that would let me make them for the blog! This is similar to a feature I tried to start years ago, Graphics Day, but hopefully it’ll go better than that, and it’s much focused – rather than any graphics, I’m going to focus on making graphics of quotes I love from books I love as well! There are plenty of blogs that have various graphics, including graphics of book quotes, so this isn’t a wholely unique feature, but I don’t care, because you can never have too many beautiful bookish graphics!

For this inaugural post, I made eight graphics of quotes from five different books (two are from a series, so it’s like two quotes for each book). Feel free to do whatever you want with them, but I hope you’ll credit me! I put my name and website on them, but I’m not totally naive – I know that people can easily crop my name out of them if they want, so please don’t do that!

Oh, and they aren’t full-sized – these are all 300×300 pixels, but the full size is 800×800. You should be able to see them full-size if you save them or drag them to another window, I think.

Quotes2 Quotes3

The Boyfriend List // The Boy Book (E. Lockhart)

Quotes4 Quotes5

Saving Francesca (Melina Marchetta)

Quotes6 Quotes7

My Life Next Door (Huntley Fitzpatrick)

Quotes8 Quotes9

Since You’ve Been Gone (Morgan Matson)

What do you think of this new feature? Do you like these graphics/would use them for something? And, if you like them, do you have any requests for future graphics? I can’t promise that I’ll do them all – I’m much more likely to make graphics for books/quotes I like, so feel free to check out my Goodreads account or check out my reviews if you aren’t sure if I’ve read/liked something!


4 thoughts on “Take a Written Snapshot: New Feature!

  1. I love your new feature, I’m a huge fan of book quotes anyway, and your choices are really good. I’ve not read all the books, but I’ve read a couple, and you’ve really managed to capture the feeling of the books and tease the story without giving anything away.

    I hope you carry on with this, because it is a really fun idea.

    1. Thank you, that’s so great to hear! I really just looked at the various Goodreads quotes for some books and chose some that stood out to me or that I really liked, so I’m glad to hear that you think that I captured their essence – it sounds a lot fancier than “I thought this quote was cool, so I made a graphic of it.” ;D

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