Monthly Rewind: March


My Month in Review

Things have been up and down this month – sometimes I’m churning out posts and books, sometimes I’m too busy to even check and see if I have a post scheduled or have the time to finish whatever books I’m currently reading. I’m sorry about that, and I apologize in advance because April will probably be similar – hopefully May will be better, though, after school ends halfway or so through it!

Music of the Month

I’ve gotten tired of searching for links and such on YouTube, so I’m switching to a Spotify playlist for this part – I apologize in advance if you don’t have a Spotify account, I know that annoyed me before I set one up. Anyway, enjoy some of the music that I’ve been listening to over and over again this month!

Top Books Read

1. The Art of Lainey (Paula Stokes): I reread this, and I was so glad to see that I loved it just as much the second time around! I definitely needed that fluffy boost.

2. Lies We Tell Ourselves (Robin Talley): This book was decidedly not fluffy, but it was great and dealt with a lot of serious and important issues, like race and sexuality.

3. The Last Time We Say Goodbye (Cynthia Hand): Another not-happy book that played with my emotions and made me feel so many things, mostly sad, but positive as well.

4. I’ll Meet You There (Heather Demetrios): I read a lot of books with some sadness, including this one, which had plenty of drama and angst but ended on a relatively positive note.

5. The Secret History of Wonder Woman (Jill Lepore): I FINALLY FINISHED IT! It took over a month to read roughly 300 pages, but I did enjoy it and love how much more I know about Wonder Woman and her creators now.

Quote of the Month


I decided to try and start highlighting a quote every month, if only to make a pretty graphic for them and to actually have something to choose from when doing TTTs about quotes and such! I don’t know why, but this quote just stood out so much to me, and I had to keep it around.

Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

1. What Do You Do About Those Books You Rated High But Didn’t Actually “Like”?: This is such a difficult subject – rating books where your feelings on the book and your emotions stemming from the book are so conflicting – so it was nice to talk about it and hear from other people with similar troubles.

2. The Trouble with Required Reading: It was great hearing that some people did get a lot out of required reading, and it definitely makes me want to reread school books, as I’ve been planning.

3. Why We Need “Bad” Diverse Books: We need all the diversity, good and bad!

4. Time for a Little Spring Planning!: Mostly I wanted to make a cute little graphic and make goals that I can cross off later on.

5. Top Ten Books From My Childhood I Would Love to Revisit: Pictures of my childhood books! Well, just a few of them, but still, personal touches!

6. We Need Books for the In-Betweeners: I often feel stuck in the middle in many ways, and I want book that reflect that feeling.

Books I’m Excited About

WheretheStarsStillShine Reece Malcolm List LockandKey

I must reread these books! I must reread them now!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

SimonvsTheHomoSapiensAgenda KissingTedCallahanAndOtherGuys ThingsWeKnowByHeart

I thought that Lair of Dreams and The Boy Most Likely To would be out this month, but apparently I was wrong and I have to wait for August for both of them; so, even though I’m really psyched about all of these books, I can’t help but feel a little let down by my apparently horrible skills of finding out books’ release dates. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda is a debut that has plenty of great buzz already, and the other two books are from authors I already like, so hopefully they’ll help me forget about the long wait until August!

Challenges – Progress

2015Challenge1Well, I only read 7 books in March, which isn’t as much as I normally read, but not bad considering how busy I was and how often I found myself in mini-slumps! My total is now at 25 total books, so I’m a fourth of the way to my goal, which is exactly on course since we’re now a fourth of the way through the year!

2015Challenge2The majority of the books I read this month were new, so I managed to bump up this number by five books, which means I’ve now read 15 new books – not a whole lot, but not bad either, especially since I’m rereading a lot more than normal.

2015Challenge5Wow, I only read one adult book this past month – last year, I would be proud, but this year that’s kind of low, which makes me proud of my progress in the past two months even more! I’m definitely not worried about this challenge, though – I’m already at 7 adult books with plenty of time left in the year to get much more than three more books read for this challenge!

2015Challenge3I only read one debut this month, but I actually read it and enjoyed it, which is more than I can say for the first debut of the year, which was unfortunately a DNF. I’m at 2 debuts books – not horrible, but I can definitely do better.

2015Challenge4I read my first sophomore book of the year! It was a hit and has made Heather Demetrios definitely an “author to keep an eye on in the future,” so that makes me even happier! Hopefully the 1 sophomore book gets some company soon, though.

2015Challenge6Hmm, only reread two books this past month – like with the Adult Challenge, this number seems really small after my progress in the first couple of months. I’m not worried at all, though, and I’m loving all the forced trips down literary memory lane! Anyway, the total is 7 reread books, so nearly halfway there!

diveintodiversityI did really well with this challenge this month – three books with lots of diversity, which gives me hope for the remainder of this challenge as well as the future of YA! I’ve read 5 diverse books, but I definitely hope to read much more than that by the end of the year!

Reading Statistics

I started keeping track of various statistics this year and forgot to include them for January, so you get them starting in February instead!

Books Read This Month: 7
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 6
Pages Read This Month: 2,482
Average Rating This Month: 4.11
Highest Rating This Month: 4.5
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): -4! (so, a really great month ratings-wise!)

Total Books Read for Challenges: 19
Total Pages Read: 7,653
Total Average Rating: 4.06

Favorite Non-Book Things

1. Sticky Note Quotes: I’ve begun plastering one of my walls at school with sticky notes of quotes, both bookish and note. I’ll definitely have to start taking pictures for Instagram or something to show it off!

2. Canva: Seriously, I’m having way too much fun with all the templates and other things I can use for making graphics and such on this site.

3. Finding Carter: As I write this post, I’m finally watching the season one finale of this MTV show that I started watching last year before falling behind; now, after binging on the rest of the season, I’m definitely ready for the second season, which premiered last night!

A Goal for April

Take more pictures on instagram! Write down quotes! Make them pretty! Pretty much do as much creative+blogging things as possible, especially when school is threatening to deprive me of my creative spark.


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