Top Ten Books From My Childhood That I Would Love to Revisit


Trust me, there are way more books I would love to revisit as well, but these were the books that stood out to me when I was browsing my bookshelves for some options!


Did anyone else read these books when they were young? Madeline books were very popular in my house since my mom was a French major and the dog in them was named Genevieve. We had this collection as well as some miniature versions that we gave to our beloved American Girl dolls. The Owl and the Pussy-Cat was another favorite, and that was before I ever realized my extreme love of owls – of course, I’ve always loved cats, so that certainly helped!

More wonderful childhood favorites! And, even better – PICTURES!

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I was obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes books when I was little – my elementary school’s library had plenty of them, and my friends and I would rotate them amongst ourselves. This is something that I never really outgrew, of course, but I am definitely up for a reread – I have a pretty good collection of them, but I can always get more of this awesome series that should have lasted so much longer! I also loved the Amelia series, which combined the angst of growing up in late elementary and middle school and loads of interesting drawings. I’m sad that I grew out of the series a bit before it actually ended, but maybe I can remedy that if I feel like reliving my childhood.

Well, I already mentioned my American Girl dolls, so I had to bring up the American Girl series that populated my youth! Kit was always my favorite, but I loved them all. I was shocked when, back when I was shelving at my local library, I found out that there were a lot new girls, including one from the 1970s, which doesn’t seem far enough back in history, and now I’m a bit worried that they’re going to have some that take place while I’m actually alive when I’m a parent or otherwise way too young for that. My sister and I were also obsessed with the Jewel Kingdom series – it was about four sisters who all had their own jewel-oriented kingdoms that they ruled themselves, although I’m pretty sure they were all ten or so, and it was the inspiration for one of the first, if not the very first, story I ever created as a kid. The New Bobbsey Twins were based on The Bobbsey Twins, a series that my mom had read back when she was young and still has a few copies of, so I read a few of those in addition to these “newer” mysteries.

And the final group of books! You might recognize the author of The Two Princesses of Bamarre as the author behind Ella Enchanted – I got this book, Ella Enchanted, and another Levine title as a bundle from those amazing book fair catalogs that I miss so much. This book was my favorite of the bunch because it was about two sisters who loved each other and would do anything for each other – and, based on the cover, there’s a blonde with straight hair (that’s me, kind of – my hair is wavy-er and a little darker, but whatever) and a curly-headed brunette (my sister, definitely), so they even looked a bit like us! The Young Mandie Mystery series was a prequel series of sorts to a huge series, but I discovered these books before I knew the other one existed. I loved the mysteries, but I also loved the name, since I had had a babysitter also named Mandy. And, finally, a series about a magical babysitter/nanny: Here Comes Heavenly! I loved this blended family story with some magical stuff happening, and I would love to reread them, middle grade or not.

Oh, who am I kidding – I want to reread all these books! Maybe this summer… 😀


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Books From My Childhood That I Would Love to Revisit

    1. Yes, they definitely are! It makes me sad when some of my newer books get worn, but I love that my childhood books are worn, which doesn’t quite make sense, but oh well! 😀

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