I Want More Ensembles in My Fluffy Contemporary Books


I’m one of those types of movie watchers who watches a movie over and over again whenever I find one I love. I have a small but beloved collection of movies that have been bought over the years, and there are plenty of old standbys that I love picking up at the library again and again whenever I haven’t found something new or unwatched that tickles my interest. Many of these favorites are “classic” teen comedies – things like Ten Things I Hate About You and Pitch Perfect and Bring It On (one that I first watched last summer and that immediately became a new favorite). I like rom-coms or simply comedies – movies that make me happy and full of laughter.

Now why can’t my books reflect these awesome, ensemble-loving comedies?

This post was mostly inspired after I read and loved Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless a few weeks ago. It takes place over one day, mostly about one group of teenagers dealing with various bits of drama and bonding together. Many people have compared it to The Breakfast Club, and while I wasn’t quite impressed by that movie (I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it, nor did I like some of the characters – mainly, the two guys who aren’t the “nerd” or whatever, especially the one who’s supposed to be the bad boy), I think it was a good comparison.

And it’s the comparison that I want in my books. I want to read books about a group of teenagers bonding and having fun and silly adventures together. I suppose there are plenty of paranormal books like that, but they can often get angsty and caught up in the paranormal drama, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I want some more fluffy contemporary stories with diverse and interesting ensembles. I want stories that take place over a short period of time because something super interesting and fun is happening and the plot doesn’t have to stretch over a long period of time.

Don’t get me wrong – I like those kinds of books, but I want loads of different and interesting kinds of books to choose from. I want stories that focus on a bunch of people becoming friends and possibly something more, but not focusing completely on romance. I want the sense of “us against them,” them usually being boring adults who just don’t understand the the protagonists simply want to give us readers an interesting story!

Now get on that request, authors – I’ll be waiting here, not so patiently anticipating fluffy contemporaries with diverse and interesting ensembles.


3 thoughts on “I Want More Ensembles in My Fluffy Contemporary Books

  1. I completely agree! The closest thing I’ve come to this is some of John Green’s books- An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns do a good job at that, as well as Looking for Alaska (although that one gets really sad!). We definitely need more feel-good books in the YA world!

    1. Yeah, I just want feel good stories that have loads of interesting characters getting into interesting shenanigans! If there’s a little sadness, I can certainly handle it, but sometimes I just want happy!

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