New Reads: Rewind Edition (7)


QueenOfBabbleInTheBigCityQueen of Babble in the Big City (Meg Cabot) – published in 2007

What is it about? This is actually the sequel to Queen of Babble, about Lizzie Nichols, a girl with a big heart and and an even bigger mouth. Well, that’s the premise anyway – she seemed like a pretty normal twenty-something to me, but apparently she has a problem with keeping secrets.

Why haven’t I read it before? I just read the first book in this trilogy last month and only added this book to my to-read shelf after I made sure that I enjoyed the first book. So, there hasn’t been much time at all for me to feel guilty about not having read it yet.

Why do I want to read it now? I’m on a bit of an adult kick, at least when it comes to mysteries and Meg Cabot books, so I might as well go ahead and read this book while I remember who all the characters are and what happened in the first book.

EpicFailEpic Fail (Claire LaZebnik) – published in 2011

What is it about? This yet another Pride and Prejudice retelling, but LaZebnik has proven herself with some other retellings, so she’s not just relying on the popularity of P&P.

Why haven’t I read it before? I read her second book first and really enjoyed it, and then read her third book and didn’t like it quite as much, and have heard some mixed things about this one, her debut. Plus, my library never seems to have it in.

Why do I want to read it now? I really do want to give this book a chance, even if I’ve heard some mixed things and I’m not a big fan of P&P (I know, I know, blasphemous, but I’m just not).

VirtuosityVirtuosity (Jessica Martinez) – published in 2011

What is it about? The protagonist is up for a prestigious award for her violin playing, and she gets involved in a romance that might derail that – but, most importantly, she develops an addiction to anti-anxiety drugs. This will definitely be a personal read for me right now, and I’m curious to see if it’ll frustrate me at all for its depiction of anti-anxiety drugs.

Why haven’t I read it before? I think I’m a little scared of it. I don’t know a whole lot about it and rereading the summary both excites and scares me.

Why do I want to read it now? I want to overcome that fear! Even if it’s scary, the few things I’ve heard about this book are high praise, so those people can’t be completely wrong, right?

SavingJuneSaving June (Hannah Harrington) – published in 2011

What is it about? The titular June committed suicide, and her younger sister is left dealing with the aftermath. I love books about sisters, but this is sure to be a super-emotional look at the relationship.

Why haven’t I read it before? Again, I think I’m a little scared. What if the sister relationship is so heart-wrenching that I don’t know how to deal with it? What if it doesn’t live up to my expectations? WHAT IF?!

Why do I want to read it now? And, yet again, I have heard lots of good things about it, so I do want to read it eventually.

SomethingStrangeAndDeadlySomething Strange and Deadly (Susan Dennard) – published in 2012

What is it about? Zombies and the 1800s? I don’t really know much about it, to be honest – I know that plenty of bloggers have read the trilogy and enjoyed it for the most part, but I had always just dismissed it as yet another paranormal/supernatural YA series.

Why haven’t I read it before? The reasons I mentioned above, plus the reviews were kinds of mixed. There were some bloggers who loved the books, but there were others who found many faults in the books.

Why do I want to read it now? I’ve finally decided that I should try the series out for myself. Specifically, I saw Renae from Respiring Thoughts‘s reviews of the series and I thought I should give the series a chance to see if it could work for me.

UnspokenUnspoken (Sarah Rees Brennan) – published in 2012

What is it about? This is kind of in the same book as Something Strange and Deadly – I know it’s a supernatural/paranormal type of trilogy, and there’s apparently plenty of banter, but that’s about all I know.

Why haven’t I read it before? The same reasons – reviews were mixed and I felt like I hadn’t read enough really critical reviews that would have given me a good idea of whether the books would work for me or not.

Why do I want to read it now? The talks of banter got to me – I love banter when done right, so that definitely appeals to me. Plus, the third book in the trilogy recently came out, which means the spotlight has returned to the series and I wouldn’t have to wait for any books if I started the series now.


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