Top Ten Favorite Heroines From TV


I decided to stick with TV show heroines, so you won’t see awesome heroines like Hermione Granger and the like – not because they aren’t awesome, but because they aren’t on TV. Just so you know… Oh, and they’re not in order because THERE’S NO WAY I CAN DO THAT TO THESE AWESOME HEROINES!


I was just going to highlight Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf because she is amazing and I love her, but then I saw this picture of Allison with her and just had to put a spotlight on both of them, as well as their awesome friendship. Oh, and the end of season 3 NEVER HAPPENED. This show has its share of problems, of course, but characters like the super-smart-and-socially-savvy Lydia and the tough-and-very-competent-with-a-bow-and-arrow Allison make it easy for me to overlook the problems most of the time.


Right now, Raven is dealing with the death of someone she really cares about, a leg that’s paralyzed after she was shot, and loads of danger because there’s always danger on The 100. She doesn’t let her disability stop her, and scenes where she’s dealing with it, like when she tries and fails to climb a tower that would have been easy to conquer before her injury, are quite heartbreaking, but she still doesn’t let it slow her down.


Clarke is the hero of The 100, there’s no denying that. She has to make some tough and frightening decisions as a leader, and even when I know I wouldn’t make the same decisions because I’m obviously the type of person who would never survive in a post-apocalyptic or zombie-filled or the like world, I admire her for trying to do her best in a terrible world.


And another wonderful female of The 100! Octavia was a true outsider among her people before coming down to Earth – she was a forbidden second child who was imprisoned simply because she was born – and she’s trying her best to find a place in the new world on Earth. She’s determined to prove that she is more than a sky person, as the Grounders are so quick to call her and anyone else from the Ark (I swear it all makes sense if you’ve seen the show), and she’s doing a pretty damn good job of that.


I couldn’t decide between all the amazing Clones on Orphan Black, so I decided to use this awesome picture of their portrayer, Tatiana Maslany, posing as Rosie the Riveter. I thought it represented them well – there are so many different clones, from scientist Cosima and housewife Allison to reluctant leader Sarah and wildcard Helena, and much of the time I truly believe they’re played by different actresses because they seem like such full-realized and interesting characters – how could one woman have them all swimming around her head at once?!


Based on the picture above, you would think that Community is some sort of Wild West drama or another post-apocalyptic type of show, but it’s actually a sitcom about a community college – I just wanted to show Annie being awesome, and her great intelligence isn’t quite as easy to show in a picture. But Annie is a smart and great person who was able to overcome her addiction to pills after a bad high school experience, and I definitely connect to her a lot, insecurities and problems and all.


I hope you’re watching Agent Carter right now – you’re running out of time, after all, since the finale airs tonight! – because Peggy Carter is awesome and it’s great seeing her character get her due with her own TV show. Peggy totally kicks ass, but she has to deal with a lot of 1940s sexism in the process, which makes her life difficult – but makes it easier to root for her and hope that she proves them all wrong.


I’m behind on Jane the Virgin right now, which is a shame because it is so awesome. I really connect with Jane because she’s trying to become a teacher but really wants to be a writer, but even if I didn’t have a personal connection, Jane is a great person to look up to. She remains firm about her morals – for instance, her virginity, which is important to her, so it’s nice to see that the show doesn’t treat her as a freak simply because she wants to wait – and she’s a good person. Despite all the weird and dramatic things going on in her life, she’s trying her best to deal with it and take care of the things that are important to her, like her family.


Laurel is pretty awesome. She’s one of the many bright law students on How to Get Away With Murder, but she’s a great individual. She’s logical, which comes in handy when they’re dealing with a titular murder, but outside of that drama, she’s an interesting person as well. Now if only they would stop trying to force her into a cheating storyline…


Vampire Diaries is another show that has its share of problems, but I still enjoy it despite all of that, and Caroline is a big reason for that. After she became a vampire in season 2 (it’s on season 6, so I really don’t think that’s a spoiler at this point), she really grew into herself, and she continues to be a strong character. Right now, she’s dealing with a ton of heartbreaking drama that I won’t spoil, and it makes me want to give her a huge hug.


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Heroines From TV

    1. It’s easy to pretend that since I’ve only seen the first couple episodes of season 4 so far, but even when I get caught up, SEASON 3’S FINALE DIDN’T HAPPEN. It’s a good policy to live by.

    1. YES! I’m a little behind because I missed one episode and ABC is stupid and won’t post the next episode until after the newest one airs, but I’ve loved all that I’ve seen so far – and she needs to KEEP having her own awesome show!

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