Mini-Reviews: January


VirginI wanted to like this book – and in some ways, I really did – but ultimately I had the same problem with it as I did a similar book: I just didn’t connect with the characters or story at all.

I wanted to like this book because it discusses sexuality and other things that young women deal with so frankly. It reminded me of Judy Blume’s Forever in that sense. From the very beginning, the protagonist isn’t scared to talk about things like shaving down there or a bad sexual experience from her past. That’s the kind of stuff that’s great to read about because you feel less alone about not knowing something or whatever.

The problem is, that was all I liked about it, which was the same problem with Forever. It was like a FAQ about female problems rather than a story to me. I didn’t care about the protagonist at all, nor her story, so after a while I had trouble forcing myself through it further.

So, if you connect with the characters and/or story and want something that frankly discusses sexual issues, then this is the book for you – unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.


TrustMeImLyingThis is another book that I just really wanted to like, but had to put down after about sixty or so pages.

It reminded me a lot of Ally Carter’s Heist Society and other books/movies/whatever in the whole caper/conning genre. That kind of stuff interests me, so I wanted to like it for that reason, but I just felt like something was missing. Normally I don’t think I’m the type of reader who notices things like “oh, this character has no personality” or “the plot seemed too flimsy” until after I’m done reading and am reflecting or if someone actually points it out to me. With this book, however, I did notice that. The protagonist would say things like “oh, my best friend knows this is normal behavior for my dad” or “this really isn’t like me at all to do something like this,” but since we were almost immediately thrown into things without getting a chance to know the characters first, it all felt false to me, and that made it difficult for me to enjoy myself.

I think I just needed more from this book – like more of the protagonist’s life and decisions before the events of the book. Not much, but just enough so that things made more sense for me.



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