Retrospectively Reading (12)


I’m so sorry that I disappeared so much! School started up this past week and I was busy enjoying the remainder of my break before that, so I could never summon up the energy to write up this post. I didn’t even get it done on Sunday, like normal, because I was busy reading and doing homework – instead, I’m writing it in between watching commercials during the Super Bowl and will hopefully finish it up before my reading calls to me again!

The Books I’m Currently Enjoying

TheSilkworm TellMeAgainHowaCrushShouldFeel

I’m so engrossed by The Silkworm that I might be done with it by the time this post goes up, not because I’m that close to the end – I have nearly 200 pages left – but because I want to know what happens! I haven’t started Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel, and it’ll probably have a bit of pressure to be read along with The Silkworm, but oh well.

The Best of the Best This Week…

BigBoned FourthWish Size12AndReadytoRock TheBrideWoreSize12 GoddessoftheNight IntoTheColdFire QueenofBabble TopTenCluesYoureClueless NightShade

This might look like a lot, but this is everything I’ve read this year so far plus another book. But, in my defense, many of them were read in the past two weeks or so!

…and the Unfortunate Rest

FamousInLove Virgin TrustMeImLying

Unfortunately, I’ve also had some books that kept me less interested. The latter two were DNFs while Famous in Love was one I forced myself to continue with because I felt like I was too far into it to DNF, but none of them blew me away at all.

The Books on the Reading Shelf

You get a small look at the bookshelf I have at school! I have the rest of the Daughters of the Moon series to finish, as well as some library books to mix in, so it doesn’t feel daunting to me at all!

The New Books I’m Anticipating

Just Released

ThisShatteredWorld FireFall TheWayWeBaredOurSouls IWasHere AllFallDown PlaylistFortheDead LoveLucy TheLastLeavesFalling

There have also been plenty of books on my to-read shelf released since I last did this post. I haven’t gotten to any of them yet, but the year is definitely young, and hopefully I’ll read my first 2015 this month!

Just Added

NightmareCharade SomethingStrangeAndDeadly TheWitchAndOtherTalesRetold Unspoken QueenOfBabbleInTheBigCity QueenOfBabbleGetsHitched AskAgainLater

Hmm, not as many books as I would have thought have been added to my to-read shelf in the past month or so. I guess I got a little better at restricting myself – or I probably just got distracted by other, non-bookish things.

The New Covers and News of the Book World

ForTheRecord TheDeadHouse
WanderingWild Ungodly

Other than the creepy factor of The Dead House, I don’t think I’m really loving any of these covers. Wandering Wild isn’t bad, but it doesn’t catch my attention immediately. The new Goddess Wars covers were starting to grow on me, but as soon as the covers showed the models’ faces, rather than their backs, I got scared of them again. It’s hard to tell with the size of this cover, but the blonde especially does not look completely natural.

A Picture, Rather than 1,000 Words

Sorry, haven’t been taking pictures lately – I’ll try to change that soon!

In the Spotlight: the Posts that Got Me Thinking this Week

Sorry – since I’m trying to rush to finish this, and some of these posts are a bit old at this point, I’m too lazy to write anything about these posts. You’ll just have to check them out for yourself, because they’re all great and interesting!

“1096 Days, and the Year of Blogging Positively” @ Respiring Thoughts: –

“Reading With No Obligation” @ Respiring Thoughts: –

“I Can’t Finish Books” @ Cuddlebuggery: –

“Beyond the Pages – Enjoying It For What It Is” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner: –

“Reformed Book Buyer… Apparently” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner: –

“Be the Change” @ So Obsessed With: –

“Books Made Into Movies: The DUFF by Kody Keplinger” @ A Reader of Fictions: –

“When You Relate to a Character You Don’t Like” @ Rather Be Reading: –

“Snobbery and Elitism in Reading” @ Respiring Thoughts: –


2 thoughts on “Retrospectively Reading (12)

  1. I really need to read This Shattered World…. the first one was so good! haha and I do the same thing, I usually just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials 🙂 although they were pretty depressing this year overall. I like the funny ones the best!

    1. Yes, the people who watch the Super Bowl for the commercials are my kind of people! But yeah, there were a lot of commercials that almost had me tearing me, up like the puppy-and-horses Budweiser or whatever beer one and the Nationwide commercial where the KID IS DEAD! Not OK. I definitely prefered the funny ones, like the Mindy Kaling one, also for Nationwide, I think.

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