FREEBIE! Top Ten Favorite Book Best Friends


Today is a freebie, so I decided to go with a topic that I think I’ve never done before, favorite best friends in books! I tried to only include characters who don’t get a point of view – so, if there’s a book I love with a friendship I love but both friends are narrators, I didn’t include it. Such a simple requirement, but I still broke it once…


Gina is only in one book of the Mediator series, but she’s mentioned throughout the series and the one appearance she does make is pretty entertaining. Gina is Suze’s best friend since she was young, and I like to say that they continue being best friends, even if Suze supposedly has new friends in her new home (I don’t like them quite as much as Gina, if you can’t tell). She learns more about Suze’s secret in the third book, but even when slightly clueless about the whole “seeing ghosts” thing, she’s quite interesting. I hope she shows up in the surprise new installment we’re getting soon.


I know, I know, I talk about this book all the time and need to just reread it already, but the friendship at the center of Smart Girls Get What They Want is so great! I love how supportive the three girls are of each other; Gigi might be the main character, but they’re a unit for sure and they all care about helping each other succeed and have loads of fun along the way.


There are so many amazing characters in the Harry Potter books, obviously, but I have to put a spotlight on Harry’s best friends right now. They squabble loads of times and get mad at each other, just like regular friends, but they’re always there for each other when they need it most. They’re the Golden Trio!


I know that Sloane isn’t the best friend necessarily – she does leave Emily with no word whatsoever – but I still loved the friendship at the heart of Since You’ve Been Gone. It just reminded me so much of many of my friendships – where I’m the quiet person who’ll play off of the other friend or will just be silent, rather than the center of attention. Many people think that their friendship is bad for Emily because she doesn’t grow in her confidence because of Sloane, but once Emily grows, I’m still rooting for their friendship.


Lilly is Mia’s best friend in The Princess Diaries, but I loved Mia’s friendship with Tina more. It’s a shame that she wasn’t in the movies, although her character probably would have been changed a lot – the series has a lot of differences from the movies, partially because it’s a ten book series versus one movie (and a sequel that has very little to do with the series). She was fun, opened Mia up to the great world of romance without shaming it, and was always there for Mia.


I mainly loved Amberley from 17 First Kisses because I felt such a large connection with her. I wanted to wrap her up in a big hug and make Claire treat her as a better friend. I wanted Amberley to be her best friend, not because I didn’t like Megan (although she did have her bad moments), but because I wanted poor Amberley to have a best friend.


One of my favorite things about The Art of Lainey was Lainey’s true best friend, Bianca. She was an amazing best friend and an interesting character in general. I need to reread this book soon so that I can remind myself of how much I liked her character!


This is my cheating answer – Laila gets to co-narrate Split Second, but in Pivot Point she’s just the best friend. Granted, she seems like a better friend in the second book after she gets a chance to make up for betraying her best friend, but in general I really like her friendship with Addie.


She’s not always the best friend, especially at the beginning when she isn’t Gemma’s friend at all, but in the Gemma Doyle/A Great and Terrible Beauty series, Felicity is my favorite of Gemma’s friends. She’s the most interesting character to me, and ultimately she sticks around and is there for Gemma (I think – I need to reread the books again soon).


In the Unearthly series, Clara has very different friendships with non-angel Wendy and angel Angela (yes, the name is ironic), but they’re both interesting. Normally I struggle with enjoying female friends in books (most of the friends on this list are from books I read recently, so I’m obviously getting better!), for some strange reason, but these were some of the early friendships I really liked near the beginning of blogging.


5 thoughts on “FREEBIE! Top Ten Favorite Book Best Friends

  1. Tina! I was so sad when they didn’t include her in the movies. I loved how supportive she was of Mia and was the only one who didn’t make Mia feel ashamed that she could be an activist AND still like romance novels and wearing makeup. I’m glad to find someone else who loves the series too 🙂
    My TTT

    1. Yeah, I was so surprised when I finally read the books and discovered this best friend that I liked more than Lilly (sorry, Lilly, but you could be a bit of a pill at times) who was completely absent from the movies! She was so supportive of everything that Mia enjoyed, and it was definitely great to read! And yep, definitely love the series after reading it all for the first time last year!

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