Top Ten Most Anticipated Debut Novels for 2015



This book involves a playlist for the dead (wow, you would have never figured that out based on the title, would you?), which sounds both interesting and tear-inducing.


This is a historical mystery taking place in Hollywood if I remember correctly, which sounds like a great combination of things that will keep me interested from beginning to end (hopefully, anyway!)


The summary of this book involves the words “for fans of Huntley Fitzpatrick,” which definitely got my attention, but the summary itself sounds interesting as well. This book has an interesting premise too, though – a family involved in politics and all that drama that comes as a result definitely sounds like something I’d be interested in.


A gay boy who’s comfortable with his sexuality but has to deal with some drama surrounding it – sounds like a great chance for getting some diversity into my reading!


This is a retelling of 1,001 Nights, which is one of those classic stories that I never really read that much, original or retelling. This story sounds like it’ll take that original tale and will add plenty of drama into the mix, like a complicated romance and lots of mysteries to keep me interested.


A story about a girl falling for a K-Pop star? I’ve never really checked out K-Pop or K-dramas, so I’m really curious to read a book about all the romantic drama that will probably happen as a result.


The titular Erica is the daughter of a wealthy family, if I remember correctly, and the protagonist is, obviously, pretending to be her, which sounds like a very intriguing story.


A modern retelling involving Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII? That could go horribly wrong, but I’m hoping for wonderfully right – and, if not, I can still think about the real life Anne and Henry and all their real life drama.


I can’t quite remember what this one is about, but I know it involves a mysterious house and some mysteriousness surrounding that, which sounds interesting enough to me! Now I just need a cover for it…


This book also needs a cover, but there’s still a summary in the meantime that sounds interesting and which I have actually forgotten – can you tell that I was feeling lazy and wanted to go ahead and get this post written without actually looking up these books again?


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