2015 Challenges

I’m one of those people who loves doing reading challenges every year – especially when I challenge myself to a reasonable number that I can get to halfway through the year and thus feel really good about myself! No matter what happens this year, though, these are all the various challenges I’m hoping to complete by the end of 2015 (which seems so freaking long from now, but I’m sure it’ll be here way too soon)!


This is the traditional one that I always do on Goodreads. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve always managed to get over 100, but I still don’t want to jinx myself by changing it to 150 books in case something happens next year that keeps me from reading as much because I know I’d be really discouraged if I wasn’t ahead. So, 100 books as usual!


This is another common personal challenge to myself – reading at least 50, so hopefully at least half of everything I read, books for the first time. I also normally get way more than 50 books by the end of the year, but again, I’m trying to protect my ego with this challenge.


TheSacredLiesofMinnowBly PretendingtoBeErica TheWrongSideofRight SeriouslyWicked DeadtoMe MadeYouUp SimonvsTheHomoSapiensAgenda NoneoftheAbove TangledWebs BetweentheNotes TheArtofBeingNormal AnneAndHenry UnderAPaintedSky TheWrathAndtheDawn NoParkingAtTheEndTimes PlaylistFortheDead IAmHerRevenge AfterHours EvenWhenYouLieToMe FirstThereWasForever ScarlettUndercover ThoseGirls HelloILoveYou AnythingCouldHappen LikeItNeverHappened LoveFortunesAndOtherDisasters OneOftheGuys Scripted TheWayWeBaredOurSouls Vanished Untitled-2

Look at all of them! And those are only the ones that already have covers, and I always tend to add more books over the course of the year as I read reviews and such. There’s a mixture of contemporary and paranormal/mystery/historical, but contemporary is definitely the biggest genre here since those are the summaries that interest me without reading any reviews ahead of time. Hopefully these will all be great author discoveries, but we’ll have to wait and see.


IllMeetYouThere LiarsInc ConspiracyofBloodandSmoke 99Days CrimsonBound ASenseoftheInfinite TheRevengePlaylist DontEverChange Deceptive

There are a lot less sophomore books since there were plenty of 2014 Debut Author books that I either haven’t gotten to yet or didn’t like enough to seek out more books of theirs. Hopefully this will grow, since I only have 10 books for this challenge so far on my to-read shelf (one doesn’t have a cover, so there are only 9 covers up there).


LifeAfterLife TheGolemAndtheJinni ReconstructingAmelia Americanah HusbandsSecret GameofThrones BoySnowBird DivorcePapers NowYouSeeMe MurderOnTheOrientExpress QueenofBabble TheGirlWhoChasedtheMoon TheSecretHistoryofWonderWoman MermaidsinParadise

I have plenty of other adult books on my to-read shelf, but these are the ones that I’m the most excited for right now. Hopefully I’ll do better than I did last year – I got all 10, but quite a few of them were DNFs and I just squeaked by, without any extra books. I have a better idea of what I like now in adult books, so hopefully that’ll help.


I already did an intro post for this hosted challenge; I reread a lot, so this really shouldn’t be difficult and I’ll probably end up rereading a lot of books not on my list, so this challenge will just help me feel like I’m being more productive when I reread old favorites.


I’m less sure about how many books I’ll read for this challenge (which also has an intro post), so the number is much smaller. I’m really doing it because I’m excited to see what Mel from The Daily Prophecy will do with it, since she’s hosting the challenge.


I’m the type of reader who doesn’t like books that I’m forced to read, like for school, as much as I would if I chose the book on my own, so I want to try rereading some of them, as well as trying new classics that I never had to read in school. So, this challenge will be a combination of rereading and new books, and will hopefully help me stop being so scared of classics.


And the final challenge! I decided not to make a banner for this one, partly because I couldn’t remember where I found the tree graphics on Canva and was too lazy to make one and partly because I like this banner already – but anyway, I want to do this challenge because I definitely need more diversity in my reading, so I might as well keep track of it all better!


4 thoughts on “2015 Challenges

  1. Looks like you have some awesome challenges for 2015! I’m going to try re-reading about 6 books this year. And you are a lot more motivated than I am to read classics! I’m just aiming to read one this year! Good luck on your challenges!

    1. I’m not all that motivated to read classics, which is why I feel the need to challenge myself so that I GET motivated! Really, I think I’ll be happy with five or so, but I like having round numbers like 10 for a goal!

      Good luck with any challenges of your own!

  2. Whoa, you have quite a few challenges this year – looks like you’re going to have a lot of fun completing all of them! 😀 I don’t do the challenge thing, but a lot of bloggers are diving into it – I think 2015 is going to be a wonderful reading year for all of you. Best of luck! x

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