I Love Rereading and I Love Series – So Why Do I Sometimes Run Out of Steam?


I’ve never been the type of person who struggles with rereading books or finding and finishing series. It’s probably because I don’t do ARCs and am much more concerned with reading what I want rather than meeting deadlines, but it’s just never been a problem fitting in rereading series, even after I began blogging. So, you’d think that rereading a series I love would be all sunshines and kittens, right?

Somehow, adorable, sun-warmed felines don’t always fit into the equation (partially because that’s a weird metaphor, but whatever). You see, sometimes I just run out of steam – I’m still enjoying reading the series, but I’m not feeling the urge to read them all as quickly as possible. Series that are four or more books long can then stretch out more than a month long of reading in between other books outside of the series.

This isn’t too surprising with the really long series – like how I’ve been working on the twenty-five books long Alice series this summer and spring and still aren’t done – but what about the series I really, really love? Like The Mediator! I love those books, and I love reliving the stories – so why did it take like a month to read a series that has sometimes only taken a week to read in the past? Those books are not that long and they’re quick reads, so a week or two is really all I should need even if there are currently six books in the series.

Sometimes it’s because it’s a series I love so much that I reread them all the time and don’t always wait long enough between my readings. Sometimes it’s because I just need different characters to concentrate on for a while, even if it’s just for one book before I slip back into the series completely.

When this happens, I start to understand other blogger’s trouble with series. I’ve never been the type of reader who feels like I’m drowning in unfinished series (although, I suppose I could be), but when I’m in the midst of rereading a series and am just running out of steam, I guess that’s my version of drowning in series.

Does anyone else have this problem? You know, you start out strong, reading/rereading a book every day or two and filling up your list of “read books” with one series, then suddenly bam! you can’t bear to pick up the next book? Or is that just a me problem? If so, I guess I’ll go off into my own little corner with stacks of series to complete on my own…


3 thoughts on “I Love Rereading and I Love Series – So Why Do I Sometimes Run Out of Steam?

  1. I have this problem sometimes, and I think it’s because I don’t wait long enough between my rereads of that book or series. I try to let at least an entire year pass in between readings just to be on the safe side, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 🙂

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