Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing This Year


I wasn’t sure what to do with this topic because I felt like my birthday post took most of my choices – so I decided to bring attention to a few 2015 releases that I’m looking forward to but just haven’t talked about all that much. And, when I was making the graphics, I had a little fun with it, as you’ll see…


There are so many contemporary books that I’m looking forward to, but I haven’t highlighted Gayle Forman’s latest, I Was Here, or Amy Spalding’s, Kissing Ted Callahan (And Other Guys), so this seemed like the perfect opportunity! I Was Here involves a girl reeling from the suicide of her best friend, so that sounds like an intriguing story that hopefully won’t focus too much on a romance I’m just not that interested in, like with Just One DayKissing Ted Callahan, meanwhile, obviously deals with romance, but there’s also a pact between best friends that sounds like it could lead to interesting friendship drama – or at least funny scenes!


There are also some great-sounding contemporaries from authors who need to prove themselves to me. I really liked Heather Demetrios’s Something Real, but have been hearing less thrilling things about the paranormal Exquisite Captive, so I’m really curious to see what she does with her latest contemporary, I’ll Meet You There, which has been getting some early praise and involves a quirky motel that brings two characters together, which sounds promising story-wise! The Last Time We Say Goodbye is the first contemporary book from Cynthia Hand, but since her paranormal series about angels tended to have stronger characters and relationships than some of its paranormal elements, I hope that means she’s made for contemporary lovelies!


Even though I didn’t love the first book in Kelley Armstrong’s latest trilogy as much as her previous YA ones, that merely means it got a 4 star rating and was only mildly addictive to read rather than very; so, yeah, still looking forward to Empire of Night, the second book in the series – I need to know things after the darn cliffhanger! And then there’s a new series from V.E. Schwab, aka Victoria Schwab, the author of The Archived series – this new one, A Darker Shade of Magic, will involve multiple worlds or something with some interesting-sounding characters, so definitely sign me up!


There are also some paranormal/mystery-minded standalones (I think – but who knows, these could end up being series since you just don’t always know these days) to look out for next year. Liars, Inc. comes from Paula Stokes, the author of the fluffy and amazing The Art of Lainey, so I’m interested to see a thriller-type story from her. Razorhurst is the latest from author Justine Larbalestier, who wrote the great Magic and Madness trilogy, so I’m really interested in getting my hands on this paranormal that’s apparently in the vein of The Diviners – um, yes please!


And there are so many great books that are just waiting for covers! There’s the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved BeforeP.S. I Still Love You, which had better have as awesome a cover as the first book, and then there’s the final book in The Raven Cycle, a series where I’ve only read two books so far (at least, I’m working on the second book as I write this post) but am still looking forward to this book.

So, Santa, if you could bring me at least one of these books this year, I swear I’ll be a good girl all through 2015 – even when my sister is annoying me! If not, I’m not responsible for snapping at her – that’s on you.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing This Year

  1. Liars, Inc. looks really interesting, and I’m always excited for a good stand alone novel because I don’t have to worry about committing to another series. As always, really cute and creative graphics this week (I always look forward to your pretty graphics!)

    My TTT

    1. Aw, thanks so much about the graphics! I’d like to say that I make them just for myself and don’t care if other people like them, but that’d be a bit of a lie – it’s always great to hear that other people like them as well! 😀

      And yeah, finding interesting, non-contemporary standalones can seem like a rare gift!

  2. Wonderful graphics!! I always love looking at how people display their TTT’s – I’m hoping to be more creative in the new year 😀

    I Was Here and A Darker Shade of Magic sound great! and I will check out the other books you mentioned (I always end up with many more books on my TBR after a TTT!).

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas! P.s — I’ve just followed via Bloglovin 😀

    1. Aw, thanks so much! Maybe that can be a 2015 goal for you, if you like making resolutions!

      Yeah, TTTs are great for finding new, interesting books. I love end- and beginning-of-the-year TTTs the best because I feel like I discover a lot of new books or older ones from the past year that I missed!

      Thanks so much, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

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