Retrospectively Reading (11)


I know, I know, I’m getting in over my head, but when I saw that Rather Be Reading and Reading Wishes were doing a diversity challenge, it sounded like a great opportunity for me to focus more on diversity in my books, because that’s always lacking! So, if you want to check it out and join me, just click on their pretty banner!

The Books I’m Currently Enjoying

BigBoned FamousInLove

I didn’t feel like taking pictures again, so you just get the covers again. I just started Big Boned and I’m already having fun reading it, which is good since I’m unsure about Famous in Love. Since I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about it, I went into it with low expectations, so I’m probably liking it more than I would have, but it’s still not the best thing I’ve ever read – I’m not too far into it, though, so time will tell…

The Best of the Best This Week…

Secrets6 Antigoddess MortalGods TheDreamThieves

Yeah, this is more like the best of the last month-ish. I have not read a lot, and that’s sad, but I’m on a slight roll right now. Anyway, I had fun rereading There’s No Place Like Home and Antigoddess and really enjoyed reading Mortal Gods and The Dream Thieves for the first time – they’ll probably be reread sometime in the future!

…and the Unfortunate Rest


This is the book that was the basis for my very personal post – it wasn’t a bad book, it just was not the book for me at all.

The Books on the Reading Shelf

FourthWish Virgin TrustMeImLying BiggestFlirts Gilt Size12AndReadytoRock

I’m trying to be better about not getting so many books at the library since I haven’t been reading quickly lately, so I’m proud of myself for only having six books in my library stack right now!

The New Books I’m Anticipating

Just Released

Ticker NoPlacetoFall ForReal TopTenCluesYoureClueless

These are most of the December releases that are on my to-read shelf. I’ve heard some mixed things about all of these things except Ticker (I haven’t heard anything! I want to hear something!), but I’ll have to get a hold of these books to know myself.

Just Added

MermaidsinParadise ThousandWords IAmHerRevenge LoveLucy NoParkingAtTheEndTimes NotOtherwiseSpecified PlaylistFortheDead TheCemeteryBoys TheWrathAndtheDawn UnderAPaintedSky AfterHours Backlash BetweenUsandtheMoon EvenWhenYouLieToMe FirstThereWasForever ScarlettUndercover ThoseGirls AnythingCouldHappen KissingInAmerica LikeItNeverHappened LoveFortunesAndOtherDisasters OneOftheGuys Scripted TheImprobableTheoryofAnaAndZak TheWayWeBaredOurSouls Vanished Untitled-2

Um, yeah, I kind of went on an adding-to-Goodreads spree – yay me? There are a lot of debut authors in here especially, and almost all of these books are 2015 books because obviously I need to look forward to unreleased books rather than ones I can already get my hands on.

The New Covers and News of the Book World

TheTroubleWithDestiny DontEverChange JessesGirl TheRevengePlaylist HelloILoveYou

And there have also been a few new covers in the past few weeks – yay!

A Picture, Rather than 1,000 Words

I really need to start taking some pictures…

In the Spotlight: the Posts that Got Me Thinking this Week

“Sex-Shaming vs. Slut-Shaming” @ The YA Kitten

“21 Stages of Finding A New OTP” @ Cuddlebuggery

“Surprise! This Character’s Transformed Into a Dick!” @ A Reader of Fictions

“You’re Just My Type – Seven Holiday Gifts for Typography Lovers!” @ The Novel Hermit

“Cover Creatives – Interview with Regina Flath” @ Stay Bookish

“P.S. I Love Fanfiction” @ Cuddlebuggery

“I’ll Be DIY-ing for Christmas” @ Rather Be Reading

2 thoughts on “Retrospectively Reading (11)

  1. I’m also about to sign up to the Dive into Diversity challenge 😀 (that’s where I saw your blog). I’m really excited to take part and also get recommendations from everyone’s posts 😀

    I’m a slow reader too, and I’ve been even slower over Christmas (I’ve actually been a little lazy with everything lol!). Have you read Gilt?! I recently discovered Katherine Longshore’s books and I’m desperate to read one!

    Great posts and lots of books that I haven’t heard of – that means more to my TBR haha! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

    1. I always start out holidays figuring that I’ll read a ton – and sometimes I do – but a lot of the time I end up reading even LESS than I would with I’m busy with regular stuff.

      I haven’t read Gilt yet, but once I started speeding up my reading I will get there! It’s in the shelf of books on my side table, just calling to me every time I go to bed without reading and getting to it!

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