I Love Fluffy Books – So Why Do I Have So Much Trouble Rating Them?


There have been a lot of great people in the blogging community who have talked about how important fluffy books are, so I’m not going to spend too much time talking about how frustrating and silly it is to dismiss books that are more fun than serious. I love reading fluffy books, especially when life seems less than fluffy and fun, but I can enjoy fluffy books anytime – until I have to rate them, because, no matter how much I praise fluffy books and get annoyed when people put them down, there’s always a little voice in my head saying “Does that book really deserve such a high rating? I mean, it is just a fluffy romance…”

I really wish that voice would shut up every once in a while.

I really started to think about this problem when I was trying to rate Magnolia by Kristi Cook. I read the book in one day, staying up a little later than I had been planning because I was having so much fun reading it. It wasn’t the most serious book, that’s true, but I enjoyed it and didn’t find many problems with it, so I was definitely prepared to give it 4.5 stars – until that voice kicked in.

“Oh, come on, it was such a predictable romance! The only reason it was a full-length book was because there was plenty of romantic drama to keep things going!”

I felt like it wouldn’t be fair to the more “serious” books that I had given 4.5 stars if I gave the same rating to Magnolia – even though I had enjoyed the book just as much as other 4.5 books. And that’s what’s so frustrating – seriousness shouldn’t matter nearly as much as my enjoyment of a book! If I think a book is good, both in terms of connecting with it and having a good story, then I should be able to give it a higher rating without any problem.

I think I’m getting slowly better at this, probably because I think I’ve been reading more “fluffy” books in general, but that little voice still likes to chime in sometimes. Does anyone have any advice on quieting this voice, or should I just smother it in my great love of fluffy books until it realizes that it’s being judgmental and should use all its energy reading these books instead? Or maybe I should just stop talking about the judgmental voices that chime in when I’m trying to write reviews…


11 thoughts on “I Love Fluffy Books – So Why Do I Have So Much Trouble Rating Them?

  1. I have the same problem sometimes- it’s hard to equate the newest YA romance with a classic that’s been around for years. But I just tell myself that it’s the overall experience that matters, and if I enjoyed one over the other than so be it. I still struggle with it though!
    Great post!

    1. That’s not even my problem, though – I’m not much of a classics person, so I’m not even comparing it to something, I just feel like I’m not allowed to rate them higher, which is just silly. I definitely need to tell myself that the overall experience is what matters most!

  2. I think ratings are subjective and I try to rate on how I feel. If I really really enjoyed a book and read it in one day, even though i had some issues with it i can still rate it 5 stars. I don’t think it should matter if they are fluffy or not, if I enjoy the book and thought it was well done then it still deserves a high rating.

    1. I think that’s something I’m getting better at doing – being objective but talking about my feelings as well and making sure my rating reflect both – but it’s definitely something I need to keep working on if I want to rate books better!

  3. I love a good fluffy book as well, but I almost always give them three stars. I mean, they’re good even if the romance was a bit predictable. They are definitely not incredible. But, they’re exactly what I wanted to read at that moment. You know? Who doesn’t like the occasional fluffy book?

    1. I think that’s why it’s so important to write reviews – when I see a 3 star review, I tend to think that the book is a bit mediocre, but if I saw a review explaining the reasoning, it would make things easier to understand. That’s why I struggle with rating things so much, though – I can be too worried about what other people might think of my own ratings, which is just silly, I know!

      But yeah, fluffy books should be great for everyone every once in a while, no matter what you rate them!

  4. Maybe you should take into consideration what the book is trying to achieve when you try to rate it? A fluffy romance needs to be cute and entertaining, it has to capture your heart and make you root for the heroine and her love interest. If it succeeds I see no shame in rating it as highly as you like. Nobody expects philosophical thoughts from a fluffy beach read.

    1. That’s a really good point! Fluffy books definitely aren’t trying to challenge your brain and teach you dozens of new things, so I need to keep that in mind. Fluffy books set out to be fluffy, fun, entertaining, and adorable books, and if they succeed in that, then there’s really nothing wrong with rating them 4 stars or higher.

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