The Re-Read Challenge 2015 – Intro Post

Re-Read Challenge

By now, you know that I love doing challenges and rereading, so a challenge for rereading seems like a no brainer!

Now, you may be asking yourself why I would even bother doing a rereading challenge if I already reread on my own – after all, how much of a challenge is it if it’s something I already do anyway? Well, I’m doing it because I want to! Isn’t that always the best reason?

I love reading, obviously, but when I’m reading a book for a specific challenge or, even better yet, challenges, I feel like I’m really accomplishing something. That was why I enjoyed doing my Summer of Series challenge so much this past summer (even though I didn’t finish it – oops) – because I felt like it was more of an excuse to reread books. Sure, I can reread them on my own, but it’s so much more fun for me when I’m also crossing a book off for a challenge, so this just seemed like such a good way to do just that!

So, I’m going to go ahead and list all the books that I hope to reread this year, but obviously I might fit in more if I feel like it. For now, I want to start with a reasonable number and go ahead and say that I want to reread 15 books. That’s a book every month and two in a few; this seems totally accomplishable to me, and hopefully I’ll end up rereading way more, but I feel good when I accomplish my goals, so I don’t want to get ahead of myself and do something like 25, which would be a little more than two a month. So, that’s my goal right now, and these are the lucky books that are eagerly awaiting their turn to be reread:

SmartGirlsGetWhatTheyWant The Summoning TheGathering

Smart Girls Get What They Want (Sarah Strohmeyer)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: early 2014
This is one of those books that, as soon as I finished reading it, I wanted to buy it and reread it again. I love rereading books, but it’s pretty rare that I feel the need to reread so soon. This’ll be a fun and fluffy book that I’ll probably reread in the dullness of January and post-holidays.

The Summoning – and the rest of the trilogy (Kelley Armstrong)
Reread: Multiple times | Last Read: 2013 (I’m pretty sure)
I’ve reread this series multiple times, both when I reread the earlier books as the newer ones were released and after all of them were out. This was one, if not the very first, of the first books that I reviewed back when this blog was on Freewebs for about a month (then it moved to Livejournal and now here!), so it has a bit of a special place in my heart for that reason. Plus, I just like the series, as well as…

The Gathering – and the rest of the trilogy (Kelley Armstrong)
Reread: A couple times with the earlier books | Last Read: Spring 2013
This is the companion trilogy to The Summoning et al, so I have to reread those books when I read the others, don’t I? I haven’t reread the last book yet, so it’ll be interesting and fun to reread the whole series through.

LockandKey Truth About Forever WheretheStarsStillShine

Lock and Key (Sarah Dessen)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: Summer 2013
This was the second Dessen book I ever read, but I think it’s definitely my favorite – I loved all the characters, the romance, and the protagonist, plus it didn’t feel formulaic (even if it probably was, to a certain extent) because it was one of the first Dessen books I read.

The Truth About Forever (Sarah Dessen)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: Summer 2013
This was my very first Dessen book, so that might have been one of the reasons that it was one of my favorites once I read all of her books, but I’m interested to see what I’ll think of it after I’ve read all of her other books and know her writing and style better.

Where the Stars Still Shine (Trish Doller)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: Fall 2013
This book cemented Doller as an author to love and enjoy, and I just want to immerse myself into the family dynamics and heartbreaking emotions of this story once more. I have a copy that I actually won through a giveaway on another blog, where I won a hardcover and an ARC, which is my only ARC, so that’ll be really cool when I finally read my own copy!

Reece Malcolm List Diviners WestingGame

The Reece Malcolm List (Amy Spalding)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: December 2013
This was one of the very last books I read at the end of 2013 and I hated the fact that I read it too late to include on so many of my end of year wrap up posts – but hopefully I can sing this book’s praises again when I reread it for the first time!

The Diviners (Libba Bray)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: Summer 2013
The only reason I haven’t already reread this book is because I’m trying to wait until I can read the sequel, which is supposed to come out this spring or summer (April, I think, but I’d have to double-check – it might be earlier or later, to be honest), so I’m doing my best to keep from reading this for now. Even though it’s super long and quite scary and disturbing at times, I can’t wait to finally reread it!

The Westing Game (Ellen Raskin)
Reread: Multiple Times | Last Read: 2013? Not sure
This is one of my childhood books that continues to get reread many times even though I’m supposedly too old for it – but I really don’t think this is the type of middle grade that adults can’t enjoy as well. I plan on rereading this book even when I’m old and grey, and there are plenty of times to reread it and enjoy it once more in the years leading up to that point!

OutoftheEasy Golden InHonor

Out of the Easy (Ruta Sepetys)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: 2013
I was blown away by this historical fiction novel that gave me some great characters and a story that left me both sad and happy and other emotions that I don’t remember because I need to reread this!

Golden (Jessi Kirby)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: 2013
This is my favorite of Jessi’s three books, but I don’t remember nearly as much about it. It’s one of the first books where I felt the need to write down a quote that really got to me in a good way, so I really want to see what I think of it a second time around.

In Honor (Jessi Kirby)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: 2013
The main thing I remember about this book is that it was so sad – when there wasn’t all the sexual tension between Honor and her brother’s best friend, which you just know is going to go somewhere – and I want to see where it goes again!

SeriesofUnfortunateEvents1 WhatIThoughtWasTrue DistanceBetweenUs

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snicket)
Reread: First Time (maybe) | Last Read: Um…
I haven’t read the whole series all the way through since I first read it – I think I’ve reread some of the books, but it’d be great to read it all the way through at once. I’ve collected 12 of the 13 books so far, so once I get my hands on a cheap second book, I’ll dig into them and see if I like them as much now as I did then!

What I Thought Was True (Huntley Fitzpatrick)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: Summer 2014
Yes, I just read this book this past summer, but I’d like to try it again. I was expecting My Life Next Door level awesomeness, so even though I really enjoyed it, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations, so I want to try it again without all that crushing pressure. Sorry about that, book.

The Distance Between Us (Kasie West)
Reread: First Time | Last Read: 2013
I just want some fluffy, Kasie West fun again – that’s really my main reason for including this book on the list.

I know that some of these are series, but I think I’ll just count the first book in the series – unless I feel like pumping up my ego and feeling like I’m doing really, really well at this challenge.

So, hopefully this’ll help me combine two great things (rereading and winning challenges) and I’ll be jumping up and down about everything by the end of 2015!


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