Monthly Rewind: November


My Month in Review

Sorry that I practically disappeared toward the end of the month! NaNoWriMo, a slight reading slump, and traveling for Thanksgiving all added up to me not being around too much, but I’m going to do my best to remedy that for the end of the year!

Music of the Month

1. Misterwives – “Reflections (live version): I like this song in its regular, studio version, but something about the live version just really, really makes me like it. I’ve been listening to a slightly different version on Spotify lately, but this live version is pretty similar, so you can check out this one or just head over to Spotify if you want!

2. Banks – “You Should Know Where I’m Coming From”: I’ve been listening to a lot of songs from Banks’ debut album, Goddess, lately, but I think this is the song that just sticks with me the most for some reason. There’s just something about the lyrics and the music that both work so well for me.

3. Lauren Aquilina – “Talk to Me”: Sometimes I wonder why I talk about these songs, because my reasons are so often “I don’t know what it is about it, but I just like it!” If you can’t tell, that’s my reasoning for this song as well… Oh, and I think this is a live version, but I had trouble finding a studio version on YouTube.

4. Ella Eyre – “Going On”: Ditto, basically – I like it and have been listening to it, so on the list it goes! Oh, and the music video is pretty cool – a cool lion drawing!

Top Books Read

1. The Raven Boys (Maggie Stiefvater): I had heard a lot about this series in the blogosphere but avoided it because I had heard less great things about the author’s first series, but I’m glad I took a chance because this was definitely a great new find!

2. Magnolia (Kristi Cook): This is one of those books that I hadn’t heard about at all until I saw some glowing reviews, and I am so glad that I took a chance on it because it was lots of romantic fun!

3. Size 14 is Not Fat Either (Meg Cabot): And of course this book was just more Meg Cabot goodness.

4. Antigoddess (Kendare Blake): I read this book last year but I’m so glad that I reread it before starting on the second book – not only did I enjoy getting back into this story, but I realized that I had forgotten a lot of what happens in it!

Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

1. Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Want to Reread: This was a birthday post for me, so that’s always fun!

2. Common Archetypes – Invisible Bisexuals: This is something I’ve seen many people talk about in all areas of media, so I had to put my own two cents in.

3. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their OWN Book: There are so many characters who I would love to learn more about – until authors start smartening up and writing these characters their own books, I suppose I always have fanfiction.

4. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Sequels I Can’t Wait to Read: It’s always fun looking at my to-read list and figuring out which books I absolutely need to read right now!

5. Top Ten Thursday – Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward To in 2015: I missed posting this on Tuesday, but I just had to make graphics and highlight some of the books I’m really looking forward to, so I did it on a Thursday instead! And technically this is a December post, but since this recap is late, I’m including it anyway.

Books I’m Excited About

GoddessoftheNight HarryPotter1 FridaySociety

There’s so much that I want to reread before the year ends, but I suppose it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t get to them.


Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

Ticker TopTenCluesYoureClueless ThisShatteredWorld

Ticker already came out, I’m pretty sure, but the other two books come out next week or later. The problem with December releases, though, is that it seems like it’s really difficult to get to them before the year is over and they don’t work for various challenges anymore, which can be annoying. Whatever, I’ll read them all anyway!

Challenges – Progress

Wow, I really didn’t read much in the past month. I only read seven books, and one of those was a DNF and another was actually finished in December. Whatever, I already got this challenge for the year, so I really don’t care that much at this point! My total is now 164 books, so we’ll see how everything ends…

WOW. If you thought that was bad, I apparently only read THREE new books this past month. Everything else was rereads and DNFs. I mean, I’ve also completed this challenge, more than twice at this point, but I still feel unaccomplished now. Anyway, I’m now at 110 new books.

And I didn’t read any debuts this month. Wow, this is really starting to depress me. Yes, I’ve also completed this challenge as well, but it’s still the principle of the thing! I’m still stuck at a mere 16 debuts this year (I’m sure you feel so sorry for me, don’t you?)!

No comment – I think we already know that 12 books is where this challenge was last month as well, and that I’m a failure (except, not, you know, since I’ve completed this challenge as well).

PROGRESS! There is progress! I actually did read one more book that fits this challenge this past month, so I’m now at books! As long as I read just one more book this month, I’ll have completed all of these challenges!

Favorite Non-Book Things

Nothing really came to mind this month because I’ve really been watching and doing all the same things I have been lately. So, check this out again next month!

A Goal for December

Get out of this minor reading slump! It’s not full-blown or anything, but I just feel like I haven’t been reading nearly enough lately and that absolutely needs to change!


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