reReview: Secrets of My Hollywood Life series by Jen Calonita


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Original Review (there isn’t one – I read most of the series pre-blogging and never bothered reviewing the later ones) | Other Books by Jen Calonita: Summer State of Mind (and others I haven’t reviewed) | Genre: Contemporary | Reason for Rereading: I haven’t reread the series since the last book came out | Original Rating: 4.5/5? (it’s hard to know for sure, since it’s pre-blogging) | New Rating: 4/5

My Initial Thoughts

I first discovered this series back in middle school, when my friend did a book report on the first book. Hollywood drama sounded just up my alley (and let’s be honest, it still is), so I immediately read the first book, loved it, and just had to buy the second book. After that, I kept pre-ordering each book in the series and devouring them. Even as I grew up and eventually got to be almost as old as the protagonist (the last book came out in 2011, when I was a high school junior and the protagonist was a senior), these books were fluffy fun!

Why I Reread

Well, I had to reread them sometime if I was enthusiastic to buy all the books, didn’t I? That aside, though, I knew that I had loved the books every time I reread them and had yet to reread the last book, so after my chaotic semester, I knew that this was another fun, fluffy reread that I had to do. I was also curious to see how the series would hold up now that I was in college and not as easily impressed.

Did I Change My Mind?

Maybe? But if so, it still didn’t diminish my enjoyment. Yeah, I rolled my eyes more at some things, in all likelihood, but I had fun getting back into Kaitlin’s world. I might have identified more with Kaitlin when I was younger, but I really didn’t change my mind that much. I did notice how repetitive some themes could be (the first and last books are practically the same thing, with different plots: Kaitlin wants to be a real teenager and an actress and there’s drama surrounding that) and it was annoying when I noticed some inconsistencies (um, hello, Beth was dating Murray, not Allison! – really, such a small detail, but it bugged me!), I read these books for their fluffy funness and I think it more than delivered on that and I often read them really quickly even though I already knew what happened.

Do I Regret Rereading?

Not at all! I’m sure I’ll reread them again in another few years, and I hope to have just as much fun, even as Kaitlin starts seeming like a young teenager in such a different world (oh, that’ll be so scary to realize, but luckily I’m not there yet!). I haven’t loved any of Jen Calonita’s other stuff as much as these books because I feel like they’re a bit young for me and don’t have the nostalgia factor that these books do, but I still say I like her books simply because I love these fun books!




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