Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Sequels I Can’t Wait to Read


I tried really hard to stick to legitimate sequels (i.e., books that are only the second in the duology/trilogy/series/whatever), and somehow I managed it! Anyway, here they are, in all their hopefully-not-stuck-in-middle-book-syndrome glory!


What I Thought Was True didn’t wow me quite as much as I wanted it to (although I still gave it 4.5 stars, so I obviously didn’t hate it), but that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the sequel of My Life Next Door, which will finally come out next year! It’ll be from the point of view of Tim, who was an interesting character in the first book, and obviously it’ll reunite us with the amazing Garrett family, so I’m just super pumped about it! Please don’t let me down, book!


This book was initially slated to come out this year, so when I saw it was rescheduled for next year, I was so sad because I want this book now! It’ll be the latest from the great Libba Bray and it’s the sequel to The Diviners, which I read so quickly last year despite its huge size because I was so interested, so those are two reasons that I just need this book now.


Saving Francesca was a surprise new favorite for me a couple months ago, so I’m both scared and excited for this sequel to it. Scared because what if I just don’t love it as much, but obviously still excited because what if I do! It’s from the point of view of a secondary character from Saving Francesca that I was really interested in, Tom, so I’m really interested to see how his life is going now.


It’s J.K. Rowling! And I really did enjoy The Cuckoo’s Calling (oops, just now noticed that typo), so I’m interested to see how this series will turn out. It’s an adult mystery, and I’ve slowly discovered that I’m a lot more interested in adult mysteries than adult “literary fiction” books or whatever you want to call contemporary in the adult area.


I wasn’t as blown away as some people were with These Broken Stars last year (well, I think I read this earlier this year, but whatever), but I did quite enjoy it and am definitely looking forward to seeing what Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner do with this companion sequel. It has new main characters and a different setting, but it’s still set in the futuristic, heavy-on-space-travel world, so that’ll be interesting.


MYTHOLOGY! I really enjoyed the first book in this series, which turned various Greek gods and goddesses into teenagers who still seemed as screwed up as the original gods, which can be lacking in YA retellings of them, so I’m really excited to see what’ll happen in the sequel. I definitely need to reread the first book, though – partially because I don’t remember it completely, but mostly because I just want to reread it.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was my first Jenny Han book, so maybe it has a special spot in my heart as a result – or maybe it’s just because I love the cover so much. Either way, when I finished the book and found out there would be a sequel, I was definitely intrigued and wanted to know what else was going to happen with Lara Jean’s interesting love life.


I didn’t love Kelley Armstrong’s new fantasy series quite as much as her earlier paranormal trilogies, but that just means I gave it 4 stars instead of 4.5 stars, so obviously I was still a big fan of Sea of Shadows. It was just such a quick read because I wanted to know what was going to happen next, which is why that cliffhanger ending did not make me a happy reader – I need to know what’s going to happen already!


I wasn’t totally sure about Prisoner of Night and Fog simply because it involved Hitler and scary pre-Holocaust happenings, but it was quite interesting to get an inside look into the twisted mind of Hitler. Gretchen was an interesting main character who started off hating – or at least thinking of them as subhuman – Jews and was forced to grow as a person, so I’m definitely interested in seeing how Gretchen will grow when she’s not so close to the scary Hitler.


I hadn’t heard much about Illusive at all, so it kind of came out of nowhere and really impressed me because I was able to get into it myself without too much hype or other opinions whipping around my head as I read it. Now that I’ve read and loved the first book, though, I feel like I can wait a while to read the second book without it falling prey to the problems of hype – but I’m so interested to see what happens next that I know I won’t be able to wait too long!


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