Monthly Rewind: October


My Month in Review

My month has definitely been better than last month – but that’s partially because I’ve been at home and able to relax a lot more, which is definitely helping me. And I was able to post almost 100% this month, with only some problems commenting back in a timely manner and linking up posts on Twitter, which isn’t too bad in my book!

Music of the Month

1. Broods – “Mother & Father”: This one of those magical songs that just seems to get me, you know? It just comes out of nowhere and seems to say so much of what I’m feeling right now – and this was a song that was suggested for me on YouTube from a bad I had never heard of, so it really did come out of nowhere for me.

2. Broods – “Four Walls”: This is another song from this brother-sister duo that is just so beautiful and wonderful and such. I’ve only listened to a live version so far, so that’s the song I liked to.

3. MØ – “Waste of Time”: This song doesn’t seem like something I would normally like all that much, but there’s just something about it apparently, because I keep listening to it.

4. Marina & the Diamonds – “Froot”: This isn’t my favorite song from her, but it’s Marina & the Diamonds and she’s my favorite artist ever, so I can’t not listen to it and give it at least one thumbs up (I’m saving my other thumb for more songs from her upcoming album, which I can’t wait much longer for!)

Top Books Read

1. yolo (Lauren Myracle): I was really worried about this sudden new book in the Internet Girls trilogy (now no longer a trilogy), but luckily I enjoyed this new college adventure with my old friends just as much!

2. Illusive (Emily Lloyd-Jones): This was a debut that had very few reviews, so I didn’t quite know what to expect when I came into it – which probably made me enjoy it even more!

3. Deadly Little Sins (Kara Taylor): This final book in the Prep School Confidential was a great conclusion that has me excited to see more from Kara Taylor.

4. Secrets of My Hollywood Life (Jen Calonita): I’m not quite done rereading this series, but I’m glad to see that it’s as much fun and fluffy goodness as I remembered.

5. Size 12 is Not Fat (Meg Cabot): My first adult Meg Cabot was definitely a success, and I’m excited to read the rest of the series! (review coming soon)

Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

1. Discussion – A Case of Mood Reading for a Non-Mood Reader: This was one of my personal reviews where I talked a bit about what I went through in my impromptu hiatus, so it was definitely a difficult but important post for me to write.

2. Common Archetypes – Incompetent & Uncaring Therapists: This post was personal in a way that it wasn’t initially because, when I wrote it, I wasn’t in therapy, but now I am in order to get help for my anxiety problems, and so it’s even more frustrating for me when I read or see this cliché being overused in books or TV shows or whatever. So, the positive response I got about it really, really warmed my heart, so thank you so much for that!

3. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit: This was a fun little trip just writing!

4. Discussion – Blogging When Dealing with Real Life: This was another behind-the-scenes-of-my-unexpected-break post.

5. New Reads – Rewind Edition (6): I haven’t done one of these posts in a while and I changed up the format a bit to a new thing that actually makes me really excited to do more of these posts soon, so that’s great for me even if no one else likes the feature!

6. Discussion – The Fun of Organizing My Bookshelves: Bookshelves! Pictures of books! What’s not to like?

7. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Five Characters Who I Want to Be for Halloween: This post took me a long time to make and I only did five characters as a result, but it was still fun looking for clothes.

8. Writing is About to Take Over My Life: My writing is very important to me, so it was both exciting and scary writing a little more about it. I can’t wait to start writing tomorrow (I’m writing this post with about 20 minutes before it goes up, so I’m probably going to go to bed before I end up writing anything… maybe…)

9. Are You Reading Your Scariest Books Today?: This took me a while to write as well, but it was fun and I liked the similarities to my new version of New Reads – Rewind Edition.

Books I’m Excited About

GoddessoftheNight HarryPotter1

These are great series that I own and must reread (partially for my Summer of Series challenge I still haven’t finished, but mostly because I want to reread them)!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

I have two books that are coming out in November on my to-read shelf, but I really only added them so that I would have something, so I’m not uber-excited about either of them, to be honest. Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong!

Challenges – Progress

I slowed down a bit this month, but that just means I only read 12 books, which is not too shabby in my very humble opinion. Of course, two of those books were DNFs, but whatever. I’ve now read 157 books this year!

Hmm, I certainly reread a lot of books this month – I only read six new books, without counting the rereads and DNFs. That’ll probably improve since I have a bunch of library books – of course, I also want to reread more books I own, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Right now I’ve read 107 new books.

Hey, I read two debuts this past month, and only one of them was a DNF! And I have at least two or three debuts checked out from the library now as well, so hopefully it’ll go up even more next month! Anyway, I’ve read 16 debuts this year.

Wow, second month in a row that I haven’t read any sophomore books, so it’s still at 12 books, but I already completed the challenge and I have at least one sophomore book in my to-read stack, so hopefully that’ll finally change next month!

This was almost the same, but I just finished Meg Cabot’s adult book yesterday, so I’m now at books, and have three more Meg Cabot books, which would already put me one over my goal of 10!

Favorite Non-Book Things

1. Faking It: I know I’ve listed this show before – twice, actually, I think – but I wanted to further applaud it for starting to do a slightly better job of acknowledging and addressing bisexuality, as well as its inclusion of an intersex character who is awesome!

2. Happyland: This is the latest MTV show, and it’s just as fun as Faking It. I know, it’s shocking how many shows I watch on MTV now, especially since I never watched it when I was younger (I only ever saw one episode of Jersey Shore, and that was at a friend’s house during a party). I’m definitely like their change to scripted programs, and not just scripted “reality” shows.

3. Jane the Virgin: This delightful new CW drama is just so much fun, even if the initial drama (virgin getting artificially inseminated without her knowledge) is pretty unreasonable – the charm and charisma and fun of this show more than make up for that. Definitely reminds me of Ugly Betty, and not just because the leads are both young and charming Hispanic women.

A Goal for November

WRITE! And read. But mostly write (at least for this month – remember, NaNoWriMo!)


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