Writing Is About to Take Over My Life


Since many book readers are aspiring writers, you’ve probably either heard of or even participated in NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month. Well, despite not winning it since 2010 (I think?), I’m going to do it again this year! Since I’m taking time off from school, I’m going that for once I’ll have way more time to write. But, to make sure that I feel motivated to actually write, this is a post to make sure that you all know I’m trying to write and can pressure me into finishing this challenge!

And, because it always gets me excited and into a writing mood, I made pretty graphics and am going to say a little about all the different stories I plan on working on this month. Yes, that’s right, multiple stories – I’ve found that working on many different stories keeps me more motivated. Yes, it’d be great to actually finish one specific story, but working on all of them makes me much more productive, and since I do this for myself, I don’t really care if it doesn’t quite fit the rules or whatever.

Anyway, without further ado, the graphics and stories!


I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo officially since 2010, unofficially since 2009 (I’m 90% sure anyway – it might be a year earlier for both of those dates). I’ve only won once – in 2010 – but each year I begin November determined to change that number, and this year is no different. I’m excited about all the different stories I’m working on, and will definitely be devoting a lot of time to writing and writing about writing this month – if you want to read all of the things I have to say about my progress, you can check out my Tumblr, and if you want to join me in the journey or already have an account over at NaNoWriMo.org, you can find my profile here!


This is the only contemporary book I’m working on right now; even though I love reading contemporary books, I can get bored writing them. I have plenty of story beginnings and ideas that are contemporary, but this is the only one that I’m actually working on right now. It has a bisexual, half-Asian protagonist, so it’s going to take some research to make sure I don’t get anything wrong, but with the first draft I’m just trying to get the tone of the story right, which is a girl struggling to understand what she wants and to break away from the large family she loves without truly leaving them behind. So, I’m really excited about it, but it’ll definitely be one of the more difficult stories for me to write without getting too bored.


This was my very first NaNoWriMo project, the one I worked on unofficially the year before I actually created an account. Five years later, I’m still working on it, but it’s still alive after I decided to begin rewriting the whole thing and am nearly caught up with where I was before. It’s about twin sisters who go to a magickal school (I know, I know, why did I add the k? I think I was being a bit pretentious and wanted to be unique or something, and haven’t bothered changing it) and discover an ancient power that wants to destroy the twins especially and their whole world in general. My first draft had way too much romantic drama, so I’m trying to change that and make sure it doesn’t overshadow things, while also making one twin gay/bisexual and starting to realize that she has a crush on her best friend, while the other twin has a complicated relationship with her male best friend.


This story is my baby – I first came up with it in fourth grade, so roughly a decade ago, but it’s remained alive and kicking despite all the changes it’s gone through since then. It has four main characters, one of which wasn’t even in my original story, and they’re all different sexualities – one is straight, one is a lesbian, one is asexual, and one is either asexual or, more likely, demisexual – I haven’t totally decided yet. This is my biggest story, with the most worldbuilding going into it and it’s kind of my baby since it was my first “real” story, despite how unreal it was back in elementary school.


This is probably one of my most straight-forward, paranormal YA story. There’s a straight white girl attracted to a straight white boy (although I’m thinking of changing the female protagonist’s race because I am an awful writer who has way too many white protagonists) and she has powers and the story kind of revolves around that. That being said, I’m having so much fun with this story because the female protagonist is pretty girly and just fun, which you don’t always get to see in paranormal stories, so there’s that.


This story has a really different kind of narration – it’s third person, which isn’t too unusual for me, especially with multi-main-character stories, but it’s more of an omniscient-type narration, where I often skip around to other characters and have a wry, sarcastic narration voice. It makes it a bit weird, especially since this is also a paranormal story but one where I think I’m going to treat it as a contemporary/magical-realism-type story where I focus on the characters and their growth rather than some epic battle, but it also means that it can be really fun to write because it’s just so different.


This story helps me get out my love of private detectives and “found” families and the like. It’s in the same universe as my Dark Beauty story and another companion story I’m working on, but that just means I use some of the same powers found in DB – it’s barely connected, which means it can feel like a totally different story and universe, which is quite fun.

So, these are all my wonderful stories that I hope to work on in November! I have plenty of other stories, of course, and I actually have one first draft of another story already finished that I’ve been rewriting the past couple of weeks, but these stories will be my focus in November. So, if I’m not around too much, that’s because writing really has taken over my life!

Is there anyone else out there who’s doing NaNoWriMo next month? I’d love to hear about it!


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