Book Blogger Confessions (10)


As the holiday season fast approaches (are you stocked up on candy yet?), thoughts of holiday traveling and reading are starting to dance in my head. I’m the type of person who always packs way more books than I’ll actually read, which can frustrate my family members but keeps me entertained in the car so why should they care that much? Sorry, back to the point I’ve already steered off of – one of the reasons I never read as many books as I oh-so-optimistically hope is because I have a bit of an attention problem when it comes to reading in the car.

I’m one of those lucky people who never gets carsick while reading in the car, but there’s just so much to see outside the car window that it can be difficult to concentrate on my book unless it’s really, really good! It can be a perfectly good book and I’ll still be looking out the window for a couple of minutes before I remember that I was just reading. A lot of the time I’ll get to the end of a chapter or paragraph or at least sentence before my attention deserts me for a few minutes, but sometimes I’m in the middle of a freaking sentence and I wander off for no reason! I really don’t know why I do this sometimes.

I feel like I’m one of those people who can concentrate when I really try, but I’m also one of those people who’ll be sitting in class and suddenly get distracted because someone came into the room or is walking by the window or something. I just like taking short breaks to people watch and day dream and all of that, which is understandable in a class where I might not be 100% engaged, but with my beloved books as well?!

Sometimes it’s the book’s fault (kind of). Something in the book will happen that will make me think of something else, which takes me out of the book for a moment – not always a bad thing, but it just happens. Or, while I’m riding in the car, a book might be talking about something outside or something and it’ll make me think, “Oh, I should look outside, too!” and then I’ll be staring out the window for a few minutes.

But sometimes there’s really no reason why I shouldn’t be totally into the book, and it’s seriously not the book’s fault. For some reason, I just have a slight attention problem when it comes to many things, including books. Is that a sign that I’m a bad reader, or simply too interested in everything around me to fully concentrate on one thing? After all, I have to be a huge multi-tasker for some reason, right?

Am I the only one who sometimes has an attention problem when it comes to everything, including reading? Or should I go to a corner and get distracted by all the people not stuck in a corner?


2 thoughts on “Book Blogger Confessions (10)

  1. I do get carsick when reading in a car so I usually just stare out the window and let my thoughts drift. My main attention problem with reading is when people talk to me or music or the tv, I get distracted by that and can’t fully focus on the book. These things are more likely to disctract me when I am already tired or the book is less interesting. But I just can’t be so completely in the book that I don’t hear what happens outside. I don’t get distracted by my own thoughts when reading that often though.

    1. I get distracted by my thoughts, surroundings, AND the people around me – it doesn’t seem like it even matters that much whether I’m interested or not, but less-interesting books are certainly worse at holding my attention.

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